Illusion of TV

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View of Rabbit Island from "Robin's Nest"

View of Rabbit Island from “Robin’s Nest”

Is that the fans of Magnum P.I. which I hear yelling, “It’s Magnum PI beach”? It is indeed the “Robin’s Nest” beach with Rabbit Island in the background. Our trip to Oahu would not have been complete without a visit to this house. Confession time – Tom Selleck is on my list of “Hollywood Honeys”. The Hubs and I each have our list, started when we first were dating. The rules are: if one of the stars on our list walks up to one of us and asked us out, that person is free to go. LOL! Now I know I’d be fighting off my s-i-l Linda and my daughter’s m-i-l Nancy to get to Tom. LOL! Nancy was so jealous that she didn’t visit the house when they were in Hawaii visiting “the kids”.

My foot on the sand "Magnum's" foot was on.

My foot on the sand “Magnum’s” foot was on.

The estate is actually owned by the Eve G Anderson Trust, and is located at 41-505 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, HI 96795. Eve G. Anderson is the stepdaughter of Cox Communications heiress Barbara Cox Anthony. The estate was also used in a few of the first Hawaii Five-O episodes. The house is not open to the public, but you can enjoy the beach. Beaches have open access to all. You can even camp for free in the parks, just put up a tent.

We were surprised to see the house and grounds in such an unoccupied and dilapidated state. What was even more surprising is the “estate” driveway empties directly onto Kalanianaole Highway. Where was that large gate opening to a wonderfully long driveway through which Magnum drove the Ferrari? Beep! That was filmed at another location. The estate is located on a 3 acres plot.

Remember the wonderful guest house Magnum live in? This is it in the photograph below. It’s really a boathouse:

Robin's Nest Guesthouse - "Home" of Magnum

Robin’s Nest Guesthouse – “Home” of Magnum

Since the boathouse did not have an estate-ground-level entrance, the studio the contrived that “funny” enter-at-the-top-and-walk-down-into-the-living-room interior to the guest house. You can see that the boathouse entrance is at sea level. All of the interior shots at Robin’s Nest were shot in a studio.

It was difficult to get a great picture of the main house through all of the overgrowth. It was shocking to see. Why would they allow the house to get so run down? Why not sell?

Robin's Nest main house

Robin’s Nest main house

Look at the picture above, see the top of the fence post on the left edge? This what the area looked like during filming:



Below is a photograph of the gate leading from the beach onto the property. Notice how they’ve changed it? Magnum is picking the gate’s lock in the picture above.

Gate from beach to Robin's Nest

Gate from beach to Robin’s Nest

Beach views of the estate.

Facing South

Facing South

Facing North

Facing North (That’s The Hubs in walking in Tom’s footsteps. LOL!)

Although the estate’s state of disrepair was a surprising, I loved being “on the scene” of one of my favorite TV shows. The hours of pleasure it gave me after getting all four of my little ones to bed; sitting and relaxing for the day. I still love the re-runs. Tom Selleck’s guest appearance on the re-run of Friends last night reminded me that I never posted my Hawaii Magnum experience.

Directions: The estate is located in the southeast coast of Oahu at 41-505 Kalanianaole Highway, right by Waimanalo Beach Park. In fact, park at the Waimanalo Beach Park lot. The house driveway exits directly onto the Kalanianaole Highway, so I don’t think it’s safe to approach to the front of the house.  From the parking lot, walk south on the beach to the house.  It will be the house with the huge cement wall, you really can’t miss it.


8 thoughts on “Illusion of TV

  1. I only saw few episodes of Magnum PI, I do agree Tom Sellack is very attractive. I remember seeing him on a few Friends episodes. I admit, that was the main reason I was watching that. He still looked great, years later.


    • Q – It is sad that a lot of historical sites are not maintained. What is so totally surprising is that beach front property is at such a premium in Hawaii you’d think that either a family member would be living in it, or they would have sold it for a pretty penny. Odd.


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