Pretties In The Mail

q8~Yesterday was one of those “three appointments” and lots-of-chores days. I figure it’s better to get all of the odds-and-ends over with in one day. On returning home around 4:15 pm, I pulled a “we-tried-to-deliver-a-package-but-where-the-heck-were-you” card from the mailbox. The date for picking up the package was listed as July 7 after 9 am.  Hah, hah. Little did the PO know that after 30+ years at the same address, I know our carrier is usually back at the PO by 3:30 – 4:00 pm. Off we went to the PO where I picked up my package from Woolgatherings. Months ago, one of my blogger friends recommended Woolgatherings 24 Breed Fiber Sampler. Quickly undoing the package I was treated to this eye candy. 2013 is the year I’m trying to spin a wide variety of fiber so the sample pack is perfect. The BFL red-orange fiber is for a scarf, I actually meant to purchase 2 enough to make a shawl. The Superwash BFL is in Charger-looking colors, blue and yellow, to make something for the newest grandson. His parents are uber Charger fans.

Woolgathering fibers

Woolgathering fibers

24 Breed Fiber Sampler, 1 oz samples:

  • Blue Faced Leicester
  • Brown Manx Loaghtan
  • CVM
  • Cheviot
  • Cormo
  • Corriedale
  • Devon
  • Dorset Horn
  • Finnish
  • Gotland
  • Herdwick
  • Icelandic
  • Jacob
  • Lincoln
  • Mashan
  • Norwegian
  • Polwarth
  • Shetland
  • Suffolk
  • Swaledale
  • Teeswater
  • Texel
  • Welsh
  • Wensleydale

My fingers are itching to spin. My fiber notebook is ready to go. What’s the hold up? The darn tendonitis in my left elbow from that stupid spinning ergonomics mistake I made a month ago. One of the chores yesterday was to purchase one of those bands that wraps around the arm below the elbow. Hopefully it will work so I can get back to spinning. Mariah is calling to me.


5 thoughts on “Pretties In The Mail

  1. Very pretty colors in the two fiber braids. I think you’ll enjoy the Breed Sampler. The hardest part is deciding which one to spin first. 🙂 I’m currently spinning the cormo fiber for Tour de Fleece and enjoying it.


    • Q- we’ve spun cormo in class, but I didn’t really pay attention to all of the fiber things I should. Too busy talking with the other spinners. Now I’ll get the chance to “savor” each fiber. LOL! I really think it was your site I saw the sampler mentioned on, but I couldn’t find a search field and was too lazy to scroll back. I am one of those people who like to give credit where credit is due.

      Good luck on your Tour de Fleece. How much fun.


  2. The colors are so lovely, I’m especially drawn to the ones on the left. I can’t see how the yarn turns out, and what you knit with that lovely fiber.

    You know, I still haven’t purchased spinning wheel. I’m thinking that might be a birthday gift or Christmas gift to myself. I also want to try my hand at weaving too.

    Can you give me an idea of what to knit next. I’m sort of thinking of an amigurumi something as a small project but I think I want to make a larger project too — for me!


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