Carlsbad State Beach Here We Come!

curls2 – One of the greatest things about living in San Diego is the camping with the grandchildren at the beach, so off to Carlsbad State Beach we go.

atthe beach

The first thing to do is hit the beach. Running in the water and jumping the waves. Digging for sand crabs is  sooo much fun. Also, don’t forget to bring your boogie boards and shovels.

beach riding

While Grandma and Papa get the camp set up, son takes grandchildren on a bide ride. What could be more fun?

We stayed for two nights. On the second night, Q and her hubby came to visit and we had a BBQ. Nothing tastes better than a BBQ while camping. The best part is we get to do the whole thing over again next weekend. 🙂

q8~To put in my two cents! So glad we were invited for a bbq. It was delicious and the company was awesome. I was so totally taken with the pouches of Brown Pelicans which would fly up the coastline and down the coastline. I guess they are not endangered any more since there were an awfully lot of different pouches flying up and down.

pelicans (1 of 1)

Pouch of pelicans flying up the coastline

Single Pelican Flying Low

Single Pelican Flying Low

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