Spinning A New Wheel

q8~Bad bloggers here! Curls has an excuse since she works, but what’s mine? Laziness? Ok, I could blame it on the fact that news about us finally having a guest room has spread. Hum, San Diego during the summer? Let’s show up at Q’s house. But, no, I could still blog. Ok, I’ll go with pure-d-laziness.

Hubs and I went on a small road trip to San Luis Obispo, home of my alma mater, Cal Poly. I had a meltdown, where was my adorable college and college town? The campus has been replace with modernistic buildings. Sigh…… My dorm, Yosemite Hall, was still there with huge plants all around. The tiny, little, town has one way streets. Anyway….

Stopped at Village Fibers in Solvang and just HAD to purchase a Schacht Sidekick. I’d been looking for a more portable spinning wheel to take to class. This isn’t a bulky as Mariah, my Lendrum. Although, Rosie is a bit heavy. Once I spun on her, I was hooked. I totally LOVE this wheel. I had been borrowing a small Louet Victoria and decided it was not the wheel for me; too light, bounced too much, wheel kept going backwards when I stopped, etc. Also tried the small Majacraft, the drive band was not user friendly for arthritic or damaged hands. So hello Rosie, my Sidekick.

Another stop on our journey was to Morro Fleece Works, in Morro Bay. Yikes! Can I please win the lottery so I can purchase one of everything? Finally settled on two bags of stuff. The owner Shari McKelvy is an absolute delight. If you need a fleece washed and prepped, this is the place! Super fun to spin on Rosie. This is the best of times!

Rosie, my Sidekick

Rosie, my Sidekick

Birdseye view

Birdseye view

Lavender Cormo-Silk Blend

Lavender Cormo-Silk Blend

14 thoughts on “Spinning A New Wheel

  1. Love the purple!

    I’m still not sure what spinning wheel I want to purchase. I do think I’ll go into a store that sells them before making my decision.


    • Q – That is absolutely the best idea. My friend Diane and I both wanted an Ashford Joy, but….. when we spun with the Joy (at separate times) we hated it. Others in class love it! I like the orafice closer to my hands than the Joy allows. I found the pedals keep you from the wheel. My opinion.


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