Ruffle Those Scarves The Easy Way

q8~During our Northwest Adventure in Feb of 2012, we found that self-ruffling yarn was the rage up North. We hadn’t seen it here yet. After looking at tons of the stuff this last year I’ve found that there seems to be 4 types: Net ribbon with big holes, net ribbon with small holes, a fabric type of ribbon where you stick the needle through one end, and a mostly solid yarn with a band along one edge to stick the needle through (the first type I did).

It seems as if these ruffled-yarn scarves are the rage. After reading a few blogs lately which complained about the ackwardness of using needles, I figured I’d share my easy way to ruffle the yarn. I cannot take credit for the technique, a saleswoman in one of the yarn stores we visited told me the easy way to ruffle the yarn was by using a crochet hook. So easy, using a Size G hook, maybe it took one hour for me to ruffle an entire skein of yarn. When in Hawaii, I thought my granddaughter might like to make an easy ruffled scarf, so we went to a local yarn shop. She picked out Katia Triana Lux in a pink color way. You can see this yarn had HUGE holes, there is still a definite pick-up-the-loop-side. She started to ruffle the scarf, but some how the yarn ended up in my suitcase and I brought it back home. It sits here patiently awaiting my Maddie-Cakes. Opal, I bet your daughter who’s Maddie’s age would love to make this scarf.


1. Insert the crochet hook (shown is Size J) through the first loop on the edge. (This was already started by my granddaughter, but you get the idea.)

Hook through first loop

Hook through first loop

2. Proceed to pick up the next 4, 5, or 6 stitches (Do a swatch to see what you like best).

Picked up four loops along edge

Picked up four loops along edge

3. Using the hook, pull the picked-up loops through the first loop.

Four loops pulled through the first loop

Four loops pulled through the first loop

4. Repeat for the entire skein. Tie the last stitch off. (I’m not going to finish since this is my granddaughter’s project.)

Partial ruffled scarf

Partially ruffled scarf

Voila! Because the hook pulls the yarn through, there isn’t any awkwardness with a needle. The easy way to ruffle a scarf using self-ruffling yarn.


11 thoughts on “Ruffle Those Scarves The Easy Way

  1. Having used this technique I can attest to the ease of use when working with this yarn. The only thing I would add is to sew the end of each side with some thread to keep it from being a bit loose at the end. Thanks again!


  2. Ooo, pretty colors in the scarf. I knit one as a gift for my mom’s birthday. It was fiddly, but doable, and she was tickled. Now I’ll have to get another skein and see how the crochet method goes. Thanks for sharing this method.


    • Q – Thanks! Maddie did pick out a gorgeous skein. Funny thing. I made mine and shared with mom she said, “Oh, I hope that’s not for me.” It wasn’t it was in blues for me. After I got home (visited mom in Montana) she called and asked where her blue scarf was, that she’d been looking all over for it! LOL!


  3. Hi,
    Thanks so much for this info, i’ve been seeing those weird yarns in a lot of shops and couldn’t figure out how to knit with them. This makes so much more sense than what I tried to come up with in my head.
    Kristy 🙂


    • Q – Thank you! The yarn was picked out by my granddaughter. The background was knitted by my daughter’s grandmother-in-law Joycie who lives in Great Britian. She just knit the most wonderful “jumpers” for our new baby grandson due in September.


  4. I love the color, I must admit I have no desire to use self ruffling yarn. My daughter however, likes them a lot. Guess who purchased that type of yarn? 😉 Whistles innocently and looks away


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