Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

q8~After three weeks, over 3,000 miles and singing “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ and “On The Road Again” continuously, Barb, Hubs and I made it safely home! What an adventure. Never had such a trip where “weird things” kept happening. What became apparent to Hubs and I is that we need an SUV because I love to find places to visit that take us over gravel and dirt roads. Next trip I need an SUV and a pop-up tent trailer and I’ll be set.

The first side-trip which made our car groan was to the Calico Early Man Site. I’ve passed that turn off a million times and never took the turn off to see it. Barb had visited it in the 1980’s and said it was a fun stop. Poor car, over 2 miles of pitted, rutted, dirt, rock-strewn road. And to what? An anticlimactic end! The wonderful display they had when Barb visited years ago is gone. The area they have been digging in has been chained off and it’s a 1/2 mile of hiking in the desert heat for squat! Look at what we were hiking through. Picture the thermometer in the high 90’s.

Barb and me hiking trough hot desert.

Barb and me hiking trough hot desert.

I have to admit that all of our trips to Montana to see family start with a night in Vegas (or as hubs says “Lost Wages”) or Mesquite. So, we had our requisite night staying at our favorite Southpoint hotel/casino. For the first time since 1976, we decided not to follow I-15 up to Montana. A new adventure beckoned to us. On the road again to Great Basin National Forest, where none of us had been. About an hour outside of Vegas it became apparent to us that we were going to be without cell service, imagine 3 days without service!

On the way to GBNF, we stopped at Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge’s (NWR). Our second encounter with pot-holed, dirt roads, our poor car will never be the same. Who goes hiking around in 90+ degree weather? Call us insane. All three of us had our cameras and were madly snapping photos: Alan and Barb capturing the beauty of the surroundings and me running after butterflies and birds.  We reached GBNF in late afternoon. This is the sight that greeted us while driving to the campground:

Wild Turkey crossing the road

Wild Turkey crossing the road

There are wild turkeys EVERYWHERE! Looking at the bird list for GBNF, wild turkeys are not on the list. They causally strolled through our campsite, along with deer. The next day we had a wonderful hike and a visit to the Lehman cave. We love caves and look for a chance to visit one where ever we are. This cave had features we’d never seen before, Alan took the photo below. It was the first time I’d been cool in days!

Lehman Cave

Lehman Cave

One thing I found out about National Parks vs. State Parks is that they don’t have running water and showers at the campsites. Quite rugged. Hum! After two days camping, it was time to hit the local town for a shower and then head to Salt Lake City. Barb and I had serious research to do at the Family History Center library. I mean, as mom says, we’re trying to prove whether or not we’ve been born.

While packing up my glasses fell to the ground and broke in two! Yikes! I need my glasses to read and to take pictures. With serious astigmatisms in my eyes I see double without my glasses. For the rest of the trip, this put a damper on taking pictures. I cannot focus a camera without them. I like to use manual focus to get exactly what I want. Relying on autofocus, I see that some of the butterflies and birds are not in focus in my photographs. Sigh……

Anyway, SLC here we come! Again, most of the way spent with the No Service phone. When there were a quick few bars I tried to call daughter Em to make sure she was doing ok and hadn’t gone into labor. She developed Gestational Diabetes so I was concerned about her. After three tries, success! She and baby boy were doing ok.

Our trip through Utah and Idaho continues tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

    • Q- Dang, we didn’t see the caves when we visited Australia! Now we HAVE to go back. lol! Totally loved the parts of Australia that we saw.

      Um, daughter called saying she’d had problems and the doc said baby would be coming within the next few days. We “jetted” home straight from Zion National Park – 400+ miles. All three of us took turns driving. Cut vacation short, and Nate waited until we arrived. Lol!


    • Gosh darn… I’m having issues in posting and copied what I wrote but it pasted wrong. Sorry Susan, please delete my other post.

      What I meant to say … looks like you’re having loads of fun! Keep on rollin and enjoy!


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