Energize That Yarn!

q8~Need an even springier yarn? These “Opposing Plies” give a really energized yarn. Again, think cuffs and hat bands.

For a refresher:  Z twist = spinning singles clockwise and  S twist = spinning singles counterclockwise. Most of us are taught to spin yarn singles clockwise (Z twist). Some of the spinning “experts” say that if you knit continental, which Barb and I do, then you should spin singles with an S twist and ply with a Z twist. I have not tried this. I keep saying I will “one day”.

When you vary the twists in the singles and combine them in a ply, you get crazy, springy yarn.  Margaret had these combinations on the board for us to try, they came from our textbook. Be an extended part of our class and try these:

S single + Z single; Plied S

Z single (fat) + Z single (fat) + S single (thin); piled S – super springy!

single S + single S + single Z; plied Z

single Z + single Z + single Z + S; plied S

I forgot to take photos. Sara if you read this remind me to take pics next Wed.




9 thoughts on “Energize That Yarn!

  1. Yes, need pics! Speaking of pictures and now that you’re back to spinning class again, whatever happened with the Back to Back Wool challenge? Did I miss it or is it still on the event horizon? If it’s been and done, are there pics?


    • Q – Too right. Pic in today’s post (Saturday). I’ll have to look up the results. I wasn’t part of the team, but I did volunteer to man the sales table. We raised $$$ for the local Cancer society through fiber, handmade items, etc which we sold. If I remember correctly, it took them 7 hours and 59 minutes to spin and knit the sweater.


      • Saw the neat spinning pics. Thx. Back to Back — almost 8 hours — that was quite the lengthy competition. Wow. I don’t think I see that on my bucket list. A Sheep to Shawl (spin and weave already shorn fleece) is under 4 hours. It’s not just the competition day, it’s also the practicing which is quite the investment too. Way to go for your team!


  2. Ok, but I’ll have to remind you now! Going to Portland OR, so will miss this Wed. But will be back for the following class! If you send me your email, I’ll send you a pic of my crazy plying from last week if you like…


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