Energized Yarn Update

q8~After being asked to post pictures of the energized yarn (I need some of that energy right now), fellow student Sara was a sweetheart and sent a pic of the yarn she spun in class. This is the note she sent along with the picture:

Here’s a photo of last Wednesday’s plying fun. 2 ply Z and S singles plied Z.
The Z was sleepy fiber off one of Margaret’s spools from the fair. (Q – sleepy fiber = fiber that has stayed on the bobbin for quite awhile, the fair was at the end of June 2013) The S was Lincoln that I spun right before plying (Q – White single).

I think what happened is the  Z single got tighter when it was plied Z and the S got looser plied Z so it came out curly as a lamb! I am going to knit it up to see how it looks and send you a photo when I do… (Q – I cannot wait to see it knit into a sample)

Energized yarn spun and photographed by Sara

Energized yarn spun and photographed by Sara

Q – different colored yarns were used to make it easier to see how each single acted when plied. So this is the method which produces this yarn perfect for cuffs and bands:
Z single (fat) + Z single (fat) + S single (thin); piled S – super springy!


3 thoughts on “Energized Yarn Update

  1. Reread what I wrote and its a bit unclear. It was actually only a single ply of the white Lincoln spun S, plied with a single ply of colored fiber spun Z. I plied the two of them Z, to make a 2-ply yarn. Thanks for posting this! It’s fun to see it on a real live blog!


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