What’s With This Ball Of Yarn?

q8~I just bought what is the worst ball of yarn I’ve ever worked with. The yarn is called Coffee Beenz by the Plymouth Yarn Company. The pattern I’m knitting is one of my favorite hat patterns for men: Canadian Winter Hat from Sally Melville’s Book 2: The Purl Stitch. We’re headed to Montreal this week and the hubs needs a warm hat.

Canadian Winter Hat - knitting with worst ball of yarn ever

Canadian Winter Hat – knitting with worst ball of yarn ever

I’m using double strands so I’m knitting from both ends of the ball. Within the first 1/4 of the ball there were already four factory joins in the yarn! GRRRRRR! I don’t think I’ve ever had a ball of Noro that didn’t have a join, so I’ve come to expect that. But 4!!! in the first quarter. Sounds as if this ball should have been dumped. Do yarn stores purchase seconds? THEN, if you look at the label you’ll see that there is another end which showed up. Hummmm, THREE ends in this ball? I haven’t knit down to that end yet. So very annoying. If I didn’t have to have this hat done ASAP, I would have driven the hour to return it. Yes, I know it’s not the yarn store fault, but this ball SUCKS!! I was looking forward to an enjoyable knit. Sigh…….

Back to Montreal! We’re heading up this week to stay with my brother-in-law. He’s lead architect on the largest hospital being built in North America. We’ll be there for a week.  Any ideas on sites to see, places to eat, fiber stores, etc will be appreciated! We’ve never been up for a visit so we’re totally excited!


13 thoughts on “What’s With This Ball Of Yarn?

    • Thanks Tina! Started knitting last night after the store was closed. It’s closed today and tomorrow, we fly on Tuesday. I’ll let them know when we return. I really am annoyed. To top it off, there was not 100 grams as stated on the package, weight was about 95 gm Which means the yardage was off. Caused quite a bit of thiking to get enough yardage to finish the hat. Grrrrr. Will also let Plymouth know. I’ve never had this problem with their yarns. Have had problems with Noro.


  1. Now you know why I like to spin my own yarn! The breaks in Noro made me nuts — and usually the colour was messed up too! As for Montreal — try Ravelry and Yelp! I did a quick search and came up with following (all got good reviews) http://www.ravelry.com/people/EspaceTricot http://www.effiloche.com/English.html http://biscottecie.com/boutique/index.php? Don’t plan to buy cotton fabric — too expensive in Canada. Make sure you find stores that stock Canadian yarns: Fleece Artist, Sweet Georgia and Handmaiden (http://handmaiden.ca/). I used to order weaving yarn from Maurice Brassard Fils (http://www.mbrassard.com/index-ang.html) — couple of hour drive from Montreal but I’ve never been to their store. From Google streetview, looks like a drive through the flatlands! A spinning + weaving studio by appt only — http://espaceinterstitiel.blogspot.ca/

    Have fun!


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