Hats Are Done and Lovin’ Montreal

q8~We loved Montreal! What a beautiful city. I have given it a new nickname – The Big Stairs! I’ve never walked up so many stairs in my life, and since we live in a two-story house that’s saying some! Up and down, up and down. What a totally fabulous time. And, what’s even better, I felt bilingual. That’s right, I can really remember a lot of my French- when it comes to reading that is. I’m way to shy to try and speak the language. Here in San Diego I don’t feel bilingual because I never took Spanish. I did take 6 years of French. The weather was PERFECT! Mostly a bit overcast which kept the temperature cool for all of that stair climbing. I’m also an expert subway rider now! We don’t have them here and I loved getting around town on the subway. The sad fact is, I never made it to any knit/fiber shop! How can that be?

Remember the yarn I complained about so profusely in my last blog? Well, the final hat turned out quite well.  I actually made two hats, one for The Hubs and one for my brother-in-law, as a thank you gift for allowing us to stay with him. The Hubs chose the red yarn for his brother’s hat to match a pair of his casual pants. I had The Hubs choose from a bunch of yarns in my stash, knowing he’d pick the brown or green. Wasn’t wrong, he chose brown.

Canadian Winter Hat from Sally Melville’s Book 2: The Purl Stitch

Canadian Winter Hat from Sally Melville’s Book 2: The Purl Stitch

Here’s a pic of the guys modeling the hats. I took more than one picture since I knew the first one was blurry. This is all I could find on The Hubs camera card. He hates pics of himself so I’m going to guess that he erased the other pics and missed this one. His camera is super heavy and I didn’t hold it firmly enough for the first pic. Then I didn’t notice that The Hubs rolled his up. Sigh…..

B-I-L and The Hubs

B-I-L and The Hubs

All I can say is the hats are perfect for winter in Canada. I knit b-i-l’s with a double strand since he does live there. The Hubs was knit with a single strand since it does not get that cold here in San Diego. No minus degrees with a wind chill here.

6 thoughts on “Hats Are Done and Lovin’ Montreal

    • Q – Thanks! The sad thing is that my b-i-l is lead architect on the Chum hospital, he’s leaving in December and going back to Vancouver. We had to make a quick trip so we could see Montreal. Otherwise, we do the East Coast.


  1. Great hats. How could such gorgeous guys not like getting their pictures taken?. It must have been a thrill to realize you could understand the language. I bet if you were there longer you be talking in the language too! 🙂


    • Q- thank you! Funny story. I found the people to be wonderfully friendly, and most spoke English although it was their second language. While sitting in the subway there was a couple, in their 50’s or so, who kept sneaking glances at us. Obviously, the man didn’t know that I understood French and said, “People should only speak French in Quebec.” I was polite and didn’t make a smart-ass comment to him so. Only negativity we found on our trip.


  2. HaHa!! Wouldnt he be confused if he knew an aussie sheila was having a giggle on him!! Love the internet. I have just started learning Japanese for my trip next year. Japan, home of my favorite craft, amigurumi.


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