Aloha Gate 14; Splat

q8~Had a fabulous time in Hawaii as a Granny Nanny. My grandkids are so darn adorable! The day I was to fly back home, an early morning text came in that my flight was going to be delayed by two hours due to weather delays for the incoming flight. Sigh…. I was already on a late flight and was to get in at 11:30 pm, now I’d be getting in closer to 2 am.

One the way to the airport I confided in my daughter that I didn’t really like flying alone. See, I’m a klutz. I don’t ask to be, I just am. With all of the injuries I’ve had I’m sure I glow from radioactivity due to x-rays, etc. Funny thing about the Honolulu airport, in order to reach the gates for the US, you have to take the long walk to the International Gates. International? Really? And I wonder why my students didn’t know that Hawaii was a US state. Sigh….  I finally reached the hallway to Gate 14 after traversing the bumpy walk to arrive at the International Gate building. I was pulling my carry on with my right hand while anxiously looking for Gate 14. Next thing I can remember is that the suitcase wheel got stuck and I fell straight down onto my knees and slowly fell forward as if I were praying to Allah. All I could think was, “Glasses don’t break, please!” They broke on our vacation in August, towards the beginning of the vacation and it was not fun. Anyway…. I’ve never seen such an empty airport. There was not anyone around when I fell. Straight down on the bare knees on hard tile. OUCH! Needless to say I was sprawled out for a bit until the sharp pain and shock allowed me to sit up. After sitting for a bit, I was able to crawl to my suitcase which was now on my left side and slowly pull myself up. The walkway was still empty. Luckily for me, Gate 14 was only about 100 yards away. I informed the gate attendant that I had an accident. By then my left knee was the size of a cantaloupe. After being iced up, Tylenol taken, and wheeled to the plane I was on my way home. Luckily this happened at the end of the trip. After 5 1/2 hours in an airplane my knee was screaming that it was ready to surrender.

The good new is that I didn’t break any bones or kneecaps. I still have to spend most of the day with the leg up on the couch with ice. The right leg swelled up to the size of a watermelon, back to a cantaloupe, and now to the size of a grapefruit. Time will tell if I’ve torn any meniscus or have water on the knee. My knee doesn’t bend very much, I’m hoping that will change as the swelling recedes. I have to admit I’ve been a whiner. The Hubs has been so good listening to me whine and helping me. I should be knitting, this is the perfect opportunity I’m just too busy whining and feeling sorry for myself. LOL!



8 thoughts on “Aloha Gate 14; Splat

  1. Ah you poor thing! I think you were quite brave pulling yourself up and keeping going. I am glad the specs didn’t break. I wear glasses full time so I could relate. It would have been the cherry on the top, “to draw a metaphor from fruit”.
    Now something to take your mind off your injuries, in which Oscar Wilde play was that expression borrowed from and by whom? 🙂


    • Q – Thank you! I’ll take al of the get well wishes I can. LOL! I am crossing my fingers since this is the knee that has already had surgery to fix an MM tear from another of my klutz moves. LOL!

      Hope your injured thumb heals quickly, that’s the pits since everything depends on having “non-hurting” hands!


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