A Bit of Heaven

q8~Unless you live in the mountains east of San Diego, the days that we really have to bundle up as the folks in the midwest and east do during the winter can be counted on one hand. We do complain when the weather drops to the 50’s during the day. Yes, we do get some nights when the temp drops below freezing. I’ve lived here most of my life and it has snowed in town 3 times since 1956. As a result, my family doesn’t really like to wear the warm, handknits that I would love to knit for them. Today’s Forecast: High 73, Low 43. Christmas Day Forecast: High 77 Low 50.

We helped daughter Emma and our wonderful s-i-l Steve move to a new place last weekend. I was so terribly pleased to see that Em busted out the hand-warmers that I knit for her some years ago when she was working in a freezing-cold office. I love seeing how lovingly worn they are. When she first wore them she called me and said they were like “wearing a bit of heaven” on her hands. Now that’s a complement! I had to take a picture of them to share. The pattern is the well-loved and much knit pattern called Fetching by Cheryl Naimath featured in Knitty: Summer 2006. This is a very easy pattern which I’ve used numerous times to make presents for various women friends.

Fetching by Cheryl Naimath

Fetching by Cheryl Naimath

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

8 thoughts on “A Bit of Heaven

  1. I love the colors and they look so warm too. I upgraded my fathers hat from last year and made him a lined thrummed hat. He instantly put it on his head and went outside. I recently purchased a loom and so I’m making him a matching scarf. He’ll get that before the new year.

    Nice to see you posting again, you were missed!


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