Bluer Than Blue

q8~There’s a first time for everything and right now I’m bluer than blue, as are my bamboo knitting needles! I’m not going to show what I’m knitting since it’s a present for a person who, I know, reads the blog. I have NEVER had a yarn dye rub off as much as this – blue hands, blue knitting needles, blue cloth I’ve put the yarn on, etc. What the heck? This 100% cotton yarn from Italy which I purchased in a Solvang yarn shop this past summer. How could I not buy a yarn called Texas which was made in Italy? Can you see how blue the knitting needle is? Washing my hands and getting blue soap bubbles is a kick. This item will have to be given a good washing before giving as a gift. Never had this happen before when using mass-produced, over-the-counter yarn. How many of you have been dyed a new color by over-the-counter, mass-produced, purchased yarn (my personal hand-dyed yarn has caused problems but that’s my error)? This yarn really is a delight to work with and I’ve even taught myself a new way to purl. My Norwegian, Continental purl just wasn’t working on this project.


15 thoughts on “Bluer Than Blue

    • Q – I didn’t look it up, but wondered at the “dahl” which, as you know, is a typical Scandinavian name and ending. Now I can tease my Swedish-ancestry husband that it’s the Swedes who have turned my hands blue. LOL! I’m 1/2 Norwegian heritage, so we have this Swedish vs. Norwegian “battle” going. LOL!


  1. Oh that’s a lovely blue. Now my head is filled with images of knitted dishcloths and woven bath towels. 😉 You need to stop tempting us, I have enough yarn.

    I( hope it does not bleed too much. I’ve gotten into the habit if giving my finished objects a soak in a vinegar water mixture after a bleeding incident I had a while ago.


    • Q- Thank you! Lol! Good idea though. If I have any left I need to make a wash cloth. It’s cotton so vinegar doesn’t work well as a mordant to fix the color.

      I’ve tried to put off weaving, but it looks as if you’re having so much fun! Hum……..


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