Joseph’s Coat and the Lolo Shawl


Q-The hubs and I flew into Missoula on Friday. Although both of us were raised in San Diego, due to the fact the life is stranger that fiction, both our mothers and a sister for each of us ended up in Montana.  Believe me when I say January is not the month to vacation in Montana unless you are into snow sports. We’re not. Snowy and COLD. For various reasons, we needed to come check on my mom and The Hub’s sister. It’s been a reassuring trip giving us peace of mind about both women. We are to fly out tomorrow. Today started out sunny and 19 deg. F. This afternoon we said goodbye to our loved ones and checked in a hotel close to the airport. We’re flying out before dawn even thinks about cracking.

I cannot visit Missoula without visiting my favorite yarn/fiber store, Joseph’s Coat. Super fun store. The owner, Janet Sullivan is a wonderfully helpful, talented woman. I want one of each please. The floor models are beautiful, she has knitted most of them. What I particularly love is that they have a good selection of Montana “grown” and dyed fiber for spinning. There are also wonderfully beautiful hanks of Montana hand-dyed yarns by Raven Ridge. Sister Lindsay, who does not knit, was such a wonderful hostess driving me back and forth to see mom and also driving me to Joseph’s Coat. She fell in love with the Lolo shawl designed by Rickie van Berkum a Montana local. She deserves this shawl, so I had her pick out the two colors she wanted in this shawl. Win, win. A Montana designed shawl using Montana yarn.

The Hubs is sick, so I’m sitting on the bed in the hotel watching Castle reruns and knitting this fabulous shawl. The yarn is an absolute delight with which to knit. I’m posting on the iPad and can’t seem to highlight and add links.

12 thoughts on “Joseph’s Coat and the Lolo Shawl

  1. Aaaand I have a new obsession. That shawl is so beautiful, and it shows off the variegated yarn so well! I’m always looking for patterns that look nice with variegated yarn, and that one is a winner for sure.


  2. Couldn’t resist checking the pattern out on Raverly. Wow — it’s a beauty! The pattern photo doesn’t show the interesting effects possible with different colour combinations. Can’t wait to see how your sister’s shawl works out. A variegated and a solid yarn looks like it would be a good combo.


    • Q – I loved all of the possibilities too! On display were two shawls, both knitted with both a solid and a variegated yarn. Love the two color shawls too! Yum. Super easy, short row pattern.


  3. Joseph’s Coat is a wonderful name for a craft store.

    Raise your hand if you’ve made a coat-of-many-colors out of glue and fabric scraps.


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