Crazy About Yarn-themed Fabrics


Knitting-themed Fabrics

Surprise! Surprise! There were wonderful packages awaiting me when we arrived home. Before the quick trip to Missoula, I found some adorable yarn-themed fabrics online. I have sketches in my Sewing Ideas book for these fabrics. Stay tuned for the final projects. Aren’t these fabrics totally adorable? From top to bottom the fabric names and manufactures are:

1. Knit-C 7588 by Timeless Treasure

2. Fun c9182 by Timeless Treasure

3. Design #SB20052 by World of Susybee for Hamil Textiles

4. Ed Emberley Happy Drawing Too Sheep by Cloud 9 Fabrics

5. Knit-C 7587 by Timeless Treasure

Tina asked where I purchased the fabrics, but the fabrics are out of the packaging and washed, so I cannot remember where I purchased each. These are the vendors, some sold through Etsy:

Moona Fabrics; – I did not like that my purchases were not combined with one shipping fee.

Kimberly Chaffee,

Rushin’ Tailor’s QuiltAlaska,

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