Fiber Buyers Must Have

The Field Guide to Fleece

The Field Guide to Fleece

With purchases in hand, I was exiting Joseph’s Coat when my eyes alighted upon this book on the book rack. MUST HAVE! I have Deborah Robson’s Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, and this is its “baby”. In fact, the first paragraph in the book says, “Many readers (Q – of the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook) have asked for a smaller book that they could carry with them or give to friends who are new to fiber arts. We listened!”

Each breed is given two pages, including  a spot to write in field notes.

Sample of a sheep breed pages

Sample of a sheep breed pages


Although how each wool type uses dyes is given, Janet, of Joseph’s Coat, says the only thing missing is how well each species felts. Good observation! I’ve decided to add felting notes to the breeds good for felting. Instead of grabbing the large Sourcebook, I did a search online for wools that felt well. I found a site by Pat Spark’s Favorite Wools for Felting. Any spinner really needs to look at the entire page and click on the links. I’ve screen captured this table, this does not show all of the felting breeds, just the ones she and her friends have easily felted*:

Felting Wool Breeds

Felting Wool Breeds

“(*… Bradford count refers to the number of hanks of yarn (each 560 yards long) that can be spun from one pound of wool top. Wool with the high counts are finer and can be spun into longer, finer yarn.)”

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