Lolo and Sigurdardottir

Lolo and Siguardottar

Lolo and Sigurdardottir

On the center pattern for Lolo, almost to the half-way mark. I’ve been cleaning my studio this week which is a daunting task and by the evening I just feel as if I need to sit! If you look at the shawl you can see one of my stitch markers I purchased in Montana. It’s a teeny, tiny, red cardinal! Love cardinals, we don’t have them here so it surprises me that they are in Hawaii.

The Day Is Dark by Yrsa Sigurdardottir was a Christmas gift from The Hubs. I’m still on a Scandinavian author kick, see our Scandinavian Stories – Must be Saturday post. The sad fact is that Sigurdardottir was not on the list. Time to rectify that. I love cozy mysteries! Scandinavian writers definitely do not fall into that category! This is the first novel which I’ve read that takes place in Greenland. Yikes, from the descriptions I’m not sure that’s on my Bucket List. Iceland is though. While cleaning my studio I’m listening to the audiobook of The Stranger by Camilla Lackberg. This  is book four in her series. Kindle had a deal on her first three books so I read those. I love books which are series so one can “watch” the characters develop and change.

Off to spinning class. What’s on your needles and what are your reading today?


8 thoughts on “Lolo and Sigurdardottir

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I will check out this author. I am reading John Grisham’s novel” Sycamore Row” and making an amigurumi unicorn. Also I have Kate Morton’s novel “secrets” on my smart phone.


  2. If you plan on going to Iceland you need to go in the summer. This time of the year they only have 1 hour of daylight!….Not much to see there……How can I get the pattern for the Lolo Shaw??


  3. The Day is Dark sounds like a very nice read. Currently I am not reading much, except for the occasional knitting or crafting magazine. Tend to watch series when I have time. Knitting a lace shawl that is making slow but steady progress and trying to finish a beret. Then onto mittens for a friend.
    Happy reading and knitting. 🙂


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