Stunning Silk Picture

Grandma Rose done in silk

Grandma Rose done in silk

I asked The Hub’s cousin if he had any pictures of the grandparents that he’d be willing to share. This arrived in an email today. Stunning! I’ve seen other pictures of Grandma Rose and she was so beautiful. I have never seen a portrait done this way. In the first email he said it was on silk so I queried him more about it. This is his response –

I wish I knew more about the silk portrait. My vague recollection is that Grandpa Joe had it made, but where, I do not know. The only story I ever remembered due to it being repeated several times, is that my father mounted it in the frame that he had acquired. Since it ended up being too big for the frame he obtained, he cut the bottom of the portrait off. Obviously, he must have heard about that faux pas much more that I ever did.

Now Grandpa Joe was in the Merchant Marines so perhaps he had it done in one of the countries that he frequented? Most of his time was spent going from New England down to Venezuela since he was a Chief Engineer for Standard Oil. Have any of you seen anything like this? Was it common back East? I’d appreciate any input.

8 thoughts on “Stunning Silk Picture

    • Q – It is! It’s of my husbands grandma and he can’t ever remember seeing the picture even though until he was 8, they either lived with her or almost next door. I cannot wait to get back to Connecticut to visit the cousin and see the picture.


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