Spinning Around

Cormo-Bamboo blend with my tag

Cormo-Bamboo blend with my tag

The Olympics has started and my spinning bug is in high gear. I shared the Cormo-Bamboo blend I finished on Valentine’s Day a few days ago. This is the year I am determined to label every skein spun! To reach that goal I have designed spinning labels. You know I  need my Photoshop “fix” every so often

Spinning Tags by Q

Spinning Tags by Q

I made them in pink, purple, and turquoise to share will all of you: one sheet per color. Click on the links for the color you’d like:  Spinning Tags pink2, Purple Tag, and spinning tags turquoise . Print on card stock, fill in the information, add a string and tie onto your precious, hand-spun skein of yarn. No muss, no fuss. I would enjoy seeing any pictures of handspun yarn using my labels.

If anyone knows a better way to upload pdf in WordPress let me know. I’m used to regular websites where the docs are uploaded and then linked to. Also, if there is a favorite color you’d like to see let me know and I’ll make them.


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