How Warped Can I Be?

Relaxing with a cuppa

Relaxing with a cuppa

Cold, spotty rain, grey day, perfect for a cuppa and reading. I found a new “Cheese Shop” mystery series by Avery Aames and I’m reading the first book: The Long Quiche Good-bye. Although I was quite prepared to snuggle up and read all day, this kept “talking” to me:

Glimakra Emilia loom

Glimakra Emilia loom

This is too much! I swore I wasn’t going to take up weaving because I really do not need one more creative endeavor. Then, one of the women in spinning class brought in her Emilia and let me try her out. Instant crush! It was meant to be when I checked my emails and there was an offer from Paradise Fibers – spend $300 get a $100 credit. Now Emilia sits in my living room calling to me: warp me, weft me, let me make something beautiful for you.

Plying fingerling yarn

Plying fingerling yarn

So, instead of curling up reading I’ve been alternating: 1.  plying together two 1200-yard skeins of fingerling yarn (that’s .681 miles), which I’ll never use for knitting but I’ll use for the warp and 2. winding the weft yarn onto the shuttle.

Loading the shuttle

Loading the shuttle

Joined Weavolution and watched YouTube videos on how to load the shuttle with yarn and how to warp a rigid heddle. Don’t you just love the information on YouTube? Ah, what a day. A jillion new weaving terms: sett, sleying, beaming, shed, bubbling, draw-in, etc. Yikes!

We are actually expecting a huge rain storm the next couple of days. So Emilia and I might become better acquainted.

Can anybody recommend some great weaving sites?


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