Aloha Yarns and KnitPurlHunter

Sock Yarn from Aloha Yarns

Sock Yarn from Aloha Yarns

Needing a “yarn fix”, by Yelping I found Aloha Yarns in Kaneohe a small town just outside of base. I am almost done with the second Tidal Wave sock, (gasp) and “really needed” some yarn for the flight home. Although the store was in an odd location, upstairs and next to a tattoo parlor I totally loved the store. Walking around and fingering all of the wonderful floor models and reading the tags I found a new, free pattern blog: Knit Purl Hunter. All of the store’s pattern models are fab and hand-knit by the uber-friendly owner. These are the three models she had knit using different colors of yarn than the pictures from Knit Purl Hunter. The Repeat Performance sock pattern is the reason I purchased the sock yarn. The models knit in the store were out of solid colors, but I’m hoping the Sock-A-Licious slightly variagated yarn will be useable in still allowing the wonderful play of patterns to show.  Patterns on display at Aloha Yarns:

Repeat Performance



Other pattern I had to download:

Disappearing Act - Look at the lovely gradation

Disappearing Act – Look at the lovely gradation

I downloaded almost every free pattern at the site. Look at all of the lovely sock patterns! What’s absolutely lovely, is that there are free videos to accompany the patterns. This is a win-win site. Go now and visit! And, if you get a chance, visit Aloha Yarns it is a wonderful LYS.


9 thoughts on “Aloha Yarns and KnitPurlHunter

  1. What a great website – thanks! I downloaded the Ridgely shawl although I’ll need to think about starting a project using 3 skeins at once! 🙂


    • Q – The Ridgely was one on display in the store. It really is quite stunning. I believe the store owner said there is a good video to go along with it. Hers was done in dark brown and a salmon color. Stunning!


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