It’s Weaving Time

Weaving a scarf

Weaving a scarf

Here’s my first attempt at weaving ever! Loving my new Glimakra ridged-heddle loom. I especially love that the turning knobs are a metal crank, much easier from my arthritic, right thumb. Thank you Arlene for bringing your warping board to spinning class and teaching me how to warp my loom. And, thanks to Ashford for the wonderful YouTube tutorials on beginning-to-weave. Woven scarf on the way! I’ll have to watch another tutorial for finishing. Such fun! The yarn is inexpensive yarn from Michael’s, for the first try I didn’t want to use my “precious” handspun.

15 thoughts on “It’s Weaving Time

  1. How cool! I just finished a weaving workshop where we made little tapestries on frame looms and have signed up for the next course on floor looms–can’t wait! Maybe one day, I’ll be showing off my scarf, too–I hope it’s as pretty as yours!


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