Another One Lost

Kindle Cover
Much to my dismay, I’ve just lost my second Kindle. Alas, it seems as if an honest person has not been the finder of either Kindle. Finding a Kindle is not as if you’ve found gold. Both times I deregistered the Kindle and called customer support who put a lock on the serial number, basically making the Kindle unusable. Neither was a Kindle Fire, just a simple, old-fashioned Kindle.

If you find a Kindle call Amazon Kindle support, they will proved you with a pre-paid return mailing label. Using the label, ship the device to Amazon, they will research the device info and will contact the last registered user to see if they reported a lost/stolen device, and then ship their missing device back.

Here is their contact info;



within the US:
1-866-321-8851 (toll free)

outside the US:
(charges will apply)

Now about the cover. I decided I was not going to spend another penny on a beautiful cover since I’ve already lost two. I grabbed some Lion Brand wool yarn I bought ages ago, grabbed some needles, started knitting and voila!

Cover Instructions:


US 10 needles – I used two circular needles, double pointed can be used
1 Skein bulkier yarn, or knit two strands of worsted together
Large-eyed needle
Closer item/material


Cast on 50 st, divide between two circular needles.

Row 1: Knit around, careful not to twist at the join.
Row 2 – 50: Knit (If you have a Kindle Keyboard, knit until the length is 4 to 5 inches past the length)

Using the Kirchner stitch (I LOVE this stitch), bind off the bottom of the cover


Place the item in a mesh, zippered bag and put in the washer with jeans or towels – something rough to help felt the cover.  Because my yarn had thick and thin spots I ended up with a crazy, bumpy looking cover. If you want the cover to be “smooth” use nicely plyed yarn.

I used the cover for a few days before I decided it needed some type of closure at the top.
1. Ribbon to tie close – nope too fussy
2. Sew on a button and make a slit on the opposite side for a buttonhole – nope don’t want anything I can get “stuck” on
3. Cut 3/4″ width velcro in half lengthwise and make a small closure strip – Perfect! In the picture, I slightly opened the top so you can see the velcro strip.

I then decided it was too plain and needle felted two hearts on it for decoration.  The perfect cover and it was “free”.

And, thanks to Janet for researching the problems old followers have with “Following” the blog. I decided not to renew the domain name So now the blog is the original name I set it up with: I’ve contacted to see why all of my long-time faithful followers have not been notified about new posts, waiting to hear back. Janet “unfollowed” the old link and refollowed again. That seems to solve the problem. I’ll keep you posted.






6 thoughts on “Another One Lost

  1. Oh that’s terrible! I thought about you last week. I finally broke down and purchased an eBook reader. I remember you commenting on a post I’d made a few years ago when I was thinking about them. I’d originally posted about them in 2010 and then again in 2012, and I’ve finally purchased one four years later. I purchased the iPad with retina display.

    I’ve downloaded a few books from Amazon, all free! This weekend, I’ll check to see what iTunes has available.


    • Q – Don’t you love it? I totally love my iPad with retina display. My knitting patterns are now on it. Perfect for traveling. The free books are great! If you want classics, Gutenburg (sp) project has tons. Congrats!


  2. Yes, I do like it a lot. I had no choice, I have three 6′ bookshelves filled to the brim. 🙂 After purchasing, I checked out the free books since I was still unsure if I was going to keep the iPad. You should have heard the squeals of protest when I said THAT to my daughter. She loves the iPad also. Another bonus is, the iPad is the only ‘light’ I need to read in bed at night. 🙂 I also find myself using it for instructional videos for anything craft related. I don’t have to be at the desktop or laptop anymore. I can be in my favorite spot (which is not laptop friendly) and craft and view on my iPad. 🙂


  3. I forgot to mention that I like the cover and the colors that you used.

    You know, it’s a bit sad that folks weren’t willing to turn in the Kindle. In my early twenties, local ATM bank machine was spitting out money. Each time it was over $200. I collected walked around and gave it to the bank teller. It wasn’t mine, and so I returned the money.

    Off topic, figured out what the deal with my embroidery machine was, it’s the thread! I used ‘Brother’ recommended thread with no thread breaks. Now the gap is the bobbin thread. I believe if I replace it with my normal thread, I won’t have that issue either.


  4. I’ve lost my kindle twice- but only in my own house. Both times it eventually turned up. Good to know about Amazon’s ability to disable a stolen one!

    Super cute cover!


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