Two Socks At Once

Knitting Two Socks At Once

Knitting Two Socks At Once

There is an “Orphan Sock” floating around the house. I knit the first sock and never got around to knitting the second. It makes a perfect hand-puppet for my grandbaby. When visiting my Hawaii grandkids in March, I was knitting socks. One Grandson was enthralled he asked if I’d make a pair for him. Since we’ll be heading over in November, I decided I’d best get started now. In order to circumvent the “Orphan Sock Disease” (OSD), I investigated two-sock knitting. I decided on this technique from Heidi Bears blog. I already use either the magic loop or two-needles methods for circular knitting so I figured the magic loop method would work well. I’m enjoying how nice it is to knit both socks at once.

Since these are “practice” socks, I raided my stash and found Kertzer’s On Your Toes which is 75% superwash wool. I’m going on record right now saying I HATE superwash wool.  After spinning 4 oz of the stuff and now knitting with it, I can honestly say I find it stiff and “unlovely” to work with. These socks are going to a grandkid so mom needs to be able to throw them in the washer.

The needles are US 2 (2.75 mm) Addi Turbo Sock Rockets 40″.  I find I really need all 40″, anything shorter and the loops would not work as well since they have to hold two socks.

The pattern I’m using is a basic pattern from Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Sock Book. On page 51 is an awesome Vogue Knitting Sock Calculator. There are three charts for Superfine Yarn, Fine Yarn, and DK-Weight yarn. Suggested needle sizes with gauge are given on each chart. The charts give Baby through Adult XL sizes. Cannot stress how much I love this Sock Calculator.  On page 53 is Vogue Knitting Universal Top-Down Sock Pattern. I’ve made copies of both pages for easy reference. Combining the pattern with the sock calculator, I’m knitting basic, stockinette socks. What I like about the pattern is that it gives the sock’s Leg Length so it’s easy to figure out nice patterns.

On my Kindle is Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews. This summer by using the county library to check out ebooks, I’ve been slowly reading all of her books. This is so totally not the type of book I usually read, but after quite a few personal tragedies this 2014 year, I’ve found I need to read “happy”. Her books fit the bill. I enjoy her writing style and find the characters delightful.

What’s on your needles and what are you reading?



6 thoughts on “Two Socks At Once

  1. In this unusually hot Eugene summer, I am knitting small projects (will be xmas gifts). I am using odd skeins in my stash. Right now I am working on a pair of merino cables fingerless mitts for my son-in-law and reading a book on calligraphy!


    • Really waiting for it to cool down! What a summer. Small projects are the best in this heat. I just had to finish a shawl for my s-i-l and thought I’d die of heat stroke! LOL! I love calligraphy and typography! Fun.


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