Nothing Super About Superwash

Mountain Mist Superwash

Mountain Mist Superwash

After much moaning and groaning, I finally finished the 4 oz. roving of Mountain Mist (60% Superwash, 30% Bamboo, 10% Nylon). What made this such a “pain” to spin? I’ve spun wool, bamboo, nylon blends which were a joy to spin, as the fiber flowed beautifully between my fingers. The difference in this roving is the superwash. The wool was not soft and lovely, it wanted to slub, and I was continually battling chunks. Not lovely at all to spin. I will have to say it was the best balanced yarn I’ve ever spun. I chalk that up to getting better and spinning it on my Sidekick Rosie. Another disappointment, was how dull the colors became after it was soaked in Soak and hung to dry. The roving colors were quite brilliant before, now it’s very dull.

There are about 485 yards, so perhaps I’ll knit a cowl. For some reason, I’m on a cowl kick and just keep looking at awesome cowl patterns. One pattern I’m totally in love with is Luna Virdis by Hillary Smith Callis. My superwash is not the right yarn for this pattern. The beautiful stitches would get lost in the variegated, barber pole colors. Isn’t this pattern stunning?

Luna Viridis by Hilary Smith Callis

Luna Viridis by Hilary Smith Callis



8 thoughts on “Nothing Super About Superwash

  1. Like your approach to a hard spin – at least your spinning got better! I’ll have to remember that when I’m struggling with some uncooperative fiber…
    And thanks for pointing out a lovely cowl pattern! I am also intrigued by cowls and have made several. Must take my next trip to a cold place so I can wear them 🙂


    • Late Sept and early Oct, we should be back in NY. My s-i-l says it should be cooler then. I definitely need a new cowl. I find them easier to wear than scarfs, since they don’t drag in the food. LOL!


  2. Oh… I love that cowl. I’ve been on a dreaklock tube knitting kick recently. I just finished knitting my fifth on Wednesday. I’ll be sure to tweak this design a bit and make it into dreadlock tube. Oh that’s too bad about the superwash wool. I have only purchased Malabrigo supwerwash and my goodness is that squish-ably soft. It’s almost as soft as my dreadlocks and those are real soft. heh


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