Mix-it-up Toddler PJs

Mix-it-Up 3T PJs

Mix-it-Up 3T PJs

Joann’s Fabric did not have enough of the fox flannel to make a complete set of pjs for my daughter’s youngest son. I found a complementary flannel to make Mix-it-up PJs. The top was made from my very favorite McCall’s kid’s pajama pattern: M6227.  I’ve used it for many years, starting when it had a different number. In order to tie the different flannel fabrics of the top together, I turned the facing to the outside. That gave a nicely accented neck trim which matched the sleeves. Using the fox flannel, I added an one inch trim to the end of the sleeves as a tie-in.

The bottoms were made from a free, downloadable pattern I found online at Birch Fabrics Blog. To insure the fit I had my daughter take three measurements (They were in Hawaii and I was here in San Diego):

  1. The rise on a pair of my grandson’s pants.  To measure the rise find a pair of pants that fit and take two measurements: 1. From the crotch seam directly up the front to the top of the waistband and 2. From the crotch seam directly up the back to the top of the waistband (this will be a larger measurement since it includes the butt).
  2. His waist inches
  3. The length from his waist to the floor- outside of leg. I wanted the PJs length longer than his pants.

With those measurements I made the appropriate adaptations to the pattern: increasing both the length and the rise.

Other sewing tips and tricks:

Mark both ends of the elastic

Mark both ends of the elastic

I mark both ends of the elastic before I thread it through the casing. That way I can tell if the elastic becomes twisted through the casing.

Marking the back

Marking the back

I use my finger stamp to show where the back of the pants are. The grandkids have a great visual for putting the pants on the correct way.

Extra facing for buttons

Extra facing for buttons

I used a fusible interfacing to strengthen the “button” area. The button can be lowered as the child grows.

Heart stamp

Heart stamp

The neck back was stamped with a heart and signed “Grandma”. I told the kids I was kissing the back of their necks when the wear the pjs.

QHave a happy, crafting day.


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