Walking Away With SAS2

PJs with appliqué

PJs with appliqué

While shopping for flannel, I fell in love with this flannel for my pre-teen granddaughter who wears Converse. The flannel leapt into my hands screaming that it had to be turned into pjs. Unfortunately, there was only enough fabric left on the bolt to make a pair of pants so I decided to make a pj top out of a t-shirt on which I added appliqués of Converse from the flannel. It has been YEARS since I appliquéd. As I was digging out the supplies I found a free sample of Steam-A-Seam 2 (SAS2) and decided to try it. AMAZING! I love this “stuff”. Using the size of the shoe, I cut out a rectangle of the SAS2. Peeling off the top layer of paper, I finger pressed the piece of flannel onto the rectangle. The fabric stuck and I was able to easily cut around the shoe. After all four shoes were cut out, I peeled off the paper backing and placed the appliqués on the t-shirt. The great bonus to SAS2 is that I could lift up the shoe appliqués and keep repositioning them until I was pleased with the effect. Using my iron on the steam, cotton setting, I set the appliqué.  The t-shirt and flannel had both been pre-washed to remove any sizing, etc. The SAS2 claims to be both washable and dry cleanable safe. The instructions do say not to use dryer sheets. They also said the appliqué would remain “glued” to the fabric without having to zigzag it down on the edges. The pjs haven’t been washed yet so I’ll keep you posted. I immediately went online and ordered more. I quit doing appliqué because it was so darn time consuming. Now I can quickly get any done.


Steam-A-Seam 2

QHave an awesome crafting day.

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