Crafty New Area

New Craft "Room"

New Craft “Room”

Having the craft room and the sewing room together stopped working efficiently quite awhile ago. I have too much fabric and too much crafting “stuff” to share a space. It’s daunting to have to put all the crafting stuff away when I want to sew and vice versa. Waa waa. Now that my precious grandkids are back in town, there isn’t room for all of us. Solution? Move the crafting stuff to a new “room”. I’ve usurped part of the garage. Started moving all of the craft supplies down last night and finished this morning. I’ll be painting the garage walls by the “craft room”, painting the spice racks which hold supplies, and maybe even paint the chair. I saw the color pallet I love and plan on using in a sewing machine cover using Moda Half Moon Modern, created by Ros at Sew Delicious. You can see I’ve already been to Tuesday Morning today for a rug.  The garage floor looks kind of yucky, so maybe I’ll paint it too! My husband is installing track lighting over the table area as I write this post. Hurray! Oops, I see my Starbucks is showing.

Color Pallet

Color Pallet

QHave a fabulous, crafting day.

2 thoughts on “Crafty New Area

  1. Workspace is so important, especially your points about having everything accessible when you need it and not have to spend an hour clearing or fetching to get started. I’m constantly coming up with ideas for optimized storage, but I’d love to have everything related in one space and ready to go!


    • Q – It is wonderful!! My husband installed a bright row of track lights over the area so I can work at night if I feel like it. Who cares if the garage floor gets some paint splatters? It really had gotten to the point where I didn’t craft or sew because it took too long to “unpack and pack” the stuff away.


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