Happy Charm Packs

Charm Pack Holder

Charm Pack Holder

As mentioned, I’m on a sewing frenzy! That means I have been rethinking my studio to make it more sewing friendly. My studio was my daughter Darcey’s bedroom (see the violet wallpaper). I love that wallpaper so I took over the room for my studio (not sewing or crafting room, art happens here) when the kids all moved out and we were empty nesters. Besides sewing and craft supplies, the room is also where I store a lot of my genealogy research, a true multi-purpose room. I’ve moved out all of the crafting supplies (see yesterday’s blog), and am now reshuffling all of the fabric so the space works better. A wonderful, new set of quilts I’m working on requires a lot of 4″ by 4″ squares. It was aggravating shuffling them around, putting them in a plastic shoe box to store, etc. Not to sound as if I’m bragging, but I’m a good problem solver. What to do? Eureka! Realizing that I had not touched or used any of the cd’s in the cd holder in well over 2 years my problem was solved. I removed the cds, stored them in a box in the garage, and put my lovely fabric charms into their new home. Look how lovely! As a sorter, I put them into cubbies according to my uses. This had made my projects so much easier! See the pink box in the middle cubby? Those are the center squares for my latest series, easy to just pull the pile out. Notice the top middle cubby, those are the pieces I’ve cut for the bowtie quilt. This is working so much better that shoe boxes. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I share another new sewing helper I’ve found.


Until then happy, crafty day to you!

4 thoughts on “Happy Charm Packs

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of being a good problem solver. I’m a problem maker! I’m just joking about that, I’m fairly good at solving problems also. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2015!


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