Lovin’ Swatch Lover

Lovin' Swatch Lover

Lovin’ Swatch Lover

Sewing/Quilting magazines articles on “must haves” for the sewer/quilter are working in this house. Right now I’m making three, same-themed quilts which use 80 different themed fabrics. In order to insure that I get as many different varieties as possible, I needed a good solution. I had seen the Swatch Lover listed as a “must have” in one of the quilting magazines. This has been a wonderful helper when I go to the quilt/fabric store. The tabs are designed so that the fabric swatch goes on one side, and fabric info on the other. To conserve tabs and bulk, I attached fabric swatches to both sides of the tabs. Since all of the fabrics are 100% cotton and come from a wide-variety of fabric companies I’m not worried about collection names, etc. You can see the ring hanging from my Charm Square Holder in the blog picture on Dec. 31, 2014. I attached a binder clip to one of the dividers and hung the ring from it. Easy grab-and-go. The tabs are out of a sturdy plastic and can be re-used, so when I’m done with this project I can remove all of the fabric swatches and start the next project.

QHave a brilliant, crafty day!


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