Did You Know?

As we move into a three day weekend, it’s the perfect time to get a library card and enjoy all of the FREE eresources available to you. For years now, I’ve downloaded ebooks and audiobooks for free from the library. Now, to my great excitement, libraries are offering more and more FREE emagazine checkouts through Zinio. A quick screen shot shows some of the magazines I have been able to “subscribe” to through my local library.  The nice thing is that the checkout NEVER expires so you can keep the ezines on Zinio for as long as you like. Read an issue you don’t care to keep? Just edit, click on the “X” and delete it! In addition, there are usually multiple issues to download. I downloaded four American Patchwork Quilting issues, etc. You don’t need a tablet or iPad to use Zinio, you can read it  online on a regular computer.

Did you know that there are “State” librarian help desks online that can answer questions about libraries in your state? I “spoke” to one and found that as a California resident that I can get a free library card at most libraries in the state, I don’t have to be a resident of the county the library is in. In some states, I can pay $10/year and get a card. Good news to me since different libraries offer slightly different eresources. I am addicted to audiobooks and love to listen to them while knitting, sewing, crafting, etc. As one of those kids who loved being read to, the love continues. I’d say my very favorite audiobook narrator is Davina Porter. I’ve checked out books I don’t normally “read” just because I love her voice. Conversely, there have been some books that I haven’t been able to get past the first chapter because listening to the narrator is as if I’m hearing fingernails on a chalkboard.

After finishing one audiobook last night, I decided that I’d really like to listen to the Louise Penny books. I have five different library cards, by “visiting” each library I was able to download her first three books and put the others on “hold”. Hopefully this is new info to someone and you get a library card and join in the “e-venture”.

QHave a happy, Zinio weekend.


2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Oh… I definitely should check this out since I have my iPad now. I do have a membership but have not used it in a while, I have been taking advantage of Amazon’s Prime’s list of free books and such. I also have the Amazon Fire TV, oh my that has opened up a while new world. We rarely watched TV before, so much junk, but now we watch TV a little more since there are so many programs available (free and paid) thanks to Amazon Prime.

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    • Q – I love Amazon’s Prime and it’s Kindle Prime! I pre-ordered the Fire stick when it was $19 back in Nov. I LOVE it!

      I love all the “free” stuff from the library. Try it! They have books for your daughter too! 😎


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