Happy Birthday Fuzzy


Mom and Q

Mom and Q – Last picture together

Happy Birthday Fuzzy! Mom passed away in March 2014 at 92 years of age, and this is her first birthday without her. All of her family are missing her terribly today. I believe the first anniversary of any occasion after a beloved on has passed is the hardest. Mom’s nickname was Fuzzy! I asked her how she got the name and was told that when she was four, her friend Hershel could not say “Phyllis”, it would come out “Fuzzy”, so the name stuck. The name she used online was FuzzyPhil. Any long time followers might have seen her comments on our blog. She and Betty White were born on the exact same day. I was in Hawaii visiting our daughter when my sister called to say mom has gone into a coma and was dying. She was fine one day and gone the next. She’d said her goodbyes to all of us a few months earlier saying she was tired and wanted to go be with dad.

This is how I remember my mom best, sewing or teaching a family member how to do some handicraft (BTW, she was ninety when these pictures were take):

Mom Sewing

Mom Sewing

Mom teaching great-granddaughter Mercedez

Mom teaching great-granddaughter Mercedez

How I wish I had one of her small notebooks in which she’d draw designs of the clothes she was going to make one of us, or one of the muslin models she’d use for a mock-up of a pattern she was developing. Such a talented woman. When we lived in San Luis Obispo, she had a local PBS sewing show, which I’d go on in order to model one of her designs. I still have one of the smocked dresses I modeled on the program.

My wonderful brother-in-law Jimmie and mom had a very special bond. Due to my dad’s health problem, both parents ended up living with my sister and her husband in Montana their last few years. Jimmie posted this tribute to mom on his Facebook page today.

Marine Phyllis

Marine Phyllis




“Happy Birth Day Phyllis
She would have been ninety-three, but she is sharing it with Christ our Lord and his loyal company.
Phyllis was a Lutheran – Marine; what a combination, but it will help her protect his coronation.
Sergeant Stillwell was a proud Marine; she had the honor to serve her country beside her Loving Husband Staff Sergeant Raymond Stillwell during WWII as her father had served as a Marine during WWI.
She successfully raised five wonderful children, that she is very proud of.
She served her country honorably and now she will serve our Lord splendidly.
You will be forever loved and remembered.” – Jimmie

Thanks mom for a wonderful childhood, I’m glad that I thanked you many times while you were alive. Thank you for teaching me how to sew, to knit, to use my mind, etc. You were a perfect example of the fact that just because you are older does not mean you can’t still learn, do “stuff” and keep up with the times. Urging all of us to write to our politicians as you do until the end. You were the best and I miss you terribly.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fuzzy

  1. I remember seeing her comments on your site. She was a very talented lady and it’s obvious that her love of hand made crafts was picked up by you two. I pray that the pain lessens as time goes on and you continue to have all those wonderful memories to think about and share with others.


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