Oh So Fetching

Curls' Fetching Hand

Curls’ Fetching Hand

Along the same theme that I had to make sure my sister, Curls, keeps warm while delivering mail in the mountains this winter, I used my very favorite fingerless glove pattern, Fetching, to make a pair for her. See how she can sort and deliver mail while the rest of her hand and wrist stay warm? I have lost count of how many fingerless gloves I’ve made from this pattern by Cheryl Naimath which is free on Knitty. The hardest part of the project was determining which yarn from my stash to use. I finally chose Sirdar Peru Naturals in the Payaca 0554 Colorway. I love the soft, tweedish, gray green color.

Text from Curls yesterday, “You won’t believe your eyes. See next text.”

Next text pic:

Fetching and Linen Scarf

Fetching and Linen Scarf

The Fetching fingerless gloves are a perfect match with the Linen Stitch scarf Curls knit for herself and blogged about on Feb 15, 2013. Being the wise older sister I texted back, “It must have registered into my subconscious so when I picked the yarn it was a match! LOL!” How totally crazy that I picked a yarn which matches her much loved Linen Scarf. Luckily, I had a ball of yarn left which I had sent home with her. Now she can make a matching hat. If someone had written that in a novel I’d say to myself, “How cheesy is that?”

QEveryday is a perfect day for being crafty. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Oh So Fetching

  1. This looks so soft and fluffy. I’ve never tried the linen stitch with knitting. Ha Ha, I just had to correct that, I wrote, ” I never tried the KNIT STITCH, with knitting.” sighs

    What a perfect match. Hmm, I have a few more rows to knit on my dreadlock tube, I might pull out my WIP and finish it today. It would be great, since that means I could wear it to work tomorrow. 🙂


    • Q – LOL! Hum, that sounds like my texts! The kids have to “figure them out” sometimes. Really tickles my funny bone.

      Haven’t you found that sometimes the last little bit is the hardest to knit? By then you’re bored with the project and just want it to be DONE!!!


      • Yes, it can be. I’ve enjoyed knitting this simple ribbed tube. I’ve enjoyed it so much, that I have not wanted to stop, which might explain why it’s super long! Well.. my dreadlocks are super long, almost too my waist, so I do have a lot to cover. I did not get to knit last night.

        I did not knit last evening, I was too busy playing Jenga with my daughter, and checking out the progress on her Science project. She created crystals (salt, sugar and alum) and now is in the observation/note taking part of the experiment. It’s a lot of fun and she did the experiment all on her own. She loves Science and so do I. She’s also a big math nerd. Well… all subjects fascinate me, I was a nerdy, crafty, athletic child. She’s the same way! 🙂


      • Q – Ok, this is spooky! When we visited the Hawaii grandkids for one last visit in Nov. Maddie needed to do her Science project so guess what I helped her with? Growing crystals – salt sugar and alum. Her hypothesis was that inorganic crystals grow faster and larger than crystals from organic matter. And, as a person who holds a degree in Microbiology, and minors in Chemistry and Computer Science, welcome to the nerd club! Only difference, since I came from a multi-generation crafty, reads-a-lot family I never realized it wasn’t the “norm”. LOL!


  2. Both of my parents love to read. My dad collects old books and he loves art. I have great memories going with hint to various art galleries as a child/teenager/adult. Now, my daughter accompanies us. Three generations of art lovers! A few my favorite books that I got from dad are… the complete works of Shakespeare. That was printed in the 1700s. It even has a copy of Shakespeare’s will in the front. Another is a book of poems from the 1600s.

    You know… I tried to warn her, as she got older, some of her classmates might think she was different. Some of them do, but she seems fine with that. As yourself all that stuff was normal in our home. I meet parents (and adults in general) that think I’m weird too, and I’m perfectly fine with that! 😛


    • Q – Since we had moved 7 times by the time I was 8, so my parents were not big collectors. collecting = packing. LOL! Lucky you, I do have a Nicholas Nickleby of my grandma’s which she won in the first grade spelling bee winner. That was about 1900.


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