Stylin’ Camera Strap

Camer Strap Cover

Camera Strap Cover


Hurray for me! Ever since my brother-in-law, Joe, told me about the mirrorless Sony camera with interchangeable lenses, I’ve wanted one. Taking pictures of birds and butterflies is one of my passions. My Canon with the 400 mm lens has become too heavy for me to take on flights. It also is becoming just too heavy period! Being the good girl that I am, Santa brought this camera to me. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The pictures are beautiful and every bit as crisp as my Canon’s and it is so darn light! Time to spruce up the strap. As a Pinterest addict, I had already pinned a camera slipcover tutorial by Megan Pyrah of Brassy Apple using 5″ charm pack squares. Of course, I had to make some additions for a more finished product.


  • 5″ Charm pack – I used squares from two different packs which I purchased on eBay, one was Beautiful Bright Lucky Medallion and the other was sent by mistake so I do not have any idea what the name is. The seller said the Medallion brand is Marshalls.
  • Pellon Fusible Fleece
  • Lining fabric – I used some “finished” muslin I’ve had for ages
  • Thread


1. Measure the length and width of your camera strap.  I probably have mine longer than usual because I usually have a pair of binoculars around my neck too and don’t want the straps to become tangled. Choose different squares from the charm pack. I needed 9 squares to cover my strap. Sew squares together using a 1/4″ seam. Press the seams open.


Sew strips together and press open seams

2. Cut out a piece of fusible fleece so it is 1/4″ shorter than the fabric square strip on the sides and the ends. This adds less bulk to the seams. Follow the instructions for fusing.


Fusible fleece

3. Megan’s strap did not use a lining, however, I did not want the camera strap to rub against the fleece, so I lined my strap with muslin. Cut the lining 1/2″ shorter that the fabric strip so it will turn in on the ends and not show. Press.


Cut lining



View from lining side.

4. Using a walking foot, sew parallel lines through all layers. Two notes: 1. I used white tape as a guide which can be easily pulled up to change widths for the line being sewn and 2. Sew one line up and one line down so the fabric does not bunch.



Seam guide



Quilted strap

5. Another change is that I wanted two pockets, one to hold the camera lens and one to hold an extra SD card. I might add a third above the SD card to hold an extra battery. Sew two fabric squares in half. Turn inside out and press. Since these were squares, I needed to make sure the pockets did not became too shallow so I zigzagged them on top of the strap.


Two Pockets


6. Fold the strap lengthwise with right sides together and using a 1/4″ seam stitch the tube. I then serged the edge to give extra strength. Turn tube right side out.



Ends of strap

7. Use a bodkin to thread strap through the fabric sleeve.

Use bodkin

Use bodkin

Final product. Love the pockets. The strap is so comfortable on my neck.

Just a side note. I try to list the name of the fabric when it is known, in other words if there is a selvedge with the name and manufacture on it. I have 40+ years of stash, some being pre-cut squares and some fat quarters, etc so I don’t know all of the fabric names. I will also only mention Joanne’s and Michaels as place I purchase stuff since they are national chains and everyone is familiar with their exchange policies and business practices. I also name major brands. I will not list the names of any private party sellers through eBay or Etsy or other online vendors where I buy quite a bit of fabric. The main reason is that if one of my readers uses them and has problems, I don’t want it to bounce back onto me. I figure by giving the fabric name and manufacturer anyone can do a search and find the best deal online for them. 😎


Camera Strap With Pockets

Q It’s a great time to be crafty! Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Stylin’ Camera Strap

  1. Oh the colors, so wild, bright and fun! You’re a lady after my own heart. Just viewing the strap makes me smile. Now, I want to make one for my camera. I love that tiny pocket detail. A clever place to store the camera cap when you’re snapping away.


    • Q – Thanks! I still swear we’re kindred spirits. 😎 I cannot believe how often we have the same ideas and ways of doing things! I love it. I just finished one for my daughter Darcey. Her’s is a Paris theme since that’s her favorite city. They are super fast to make.


      • Q, like minds eh? You and your sister are definitely on my top list of blog pals that I wished lived closer. On my short list is making one of these straps for my Nikon D80! I hope to get that done this weekend, after I start on my dress. I’ve had that camera since 2006. It still performs well.

        I’m thinking of investing in some really good macro lenses to take detailed pictures of my honeybees. I have four hives. I sure hope they are dong well. We’ve had some chilly days this winter. They are inside their home, huddled close together for warmth. 🙂 I’ve mentioned them on Celebrate Life a few times. 🙂


      • Q – Yep! Like minds. LOL! If we lived closer I’d be over for honey! One thing I love. I have so many different flavors, just can’t pass up a new one.

        I have good macro lenses for my Canon. Like to take close ups of bugs and flowers.


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