And The Next Generation Of Artisans


Da Bones at the serger

Grandson Da Bones, I call him that because when he was around two anytime he’d spill something, hurt himself, etc he’d tell me, “My bones made me do it!” During my November visit to them, he kept saying he wanted to learn how to sew and knit. I promised him that when they moved back I’d teach him. Smootchies, silky blankets, are something his mom Sarah, introduced to the family as a young one. She loved her silky blankets. Da Bones is the only one of her kids that is comforted by them. When the text came from daughter Emily that Little Man, my youngest grandson, needed a new supply of smootchies, Da Bones was visiting and got right on the order. I always have a supply of silky material on hand for smootchies. We cut the material into sloppy rectangles, and Da Bones serged the edges. He did a fantastic job!




Little Man with smootchie

During last weekend’s visit, he serged some pocket-sized smootchies/silk handkerchiefs for himself. Then he wanted to use “the other sewing machine” aka the Bernina. What perfect timing, I had just seen Fons and Porter’s Little Ark Baby Quilt in a magazine and thought it would be a perfect scrap flannel project for him. After four kids, five grandkids and a husband, I have a ton of flannel scraps. Of course, he asked if he could make one for his cousin Little Man. Such a sweet, thoughtful grandson.

Da Bones sewing rag quilt

Da Bones sewing rag quilt

After attaching four squares, he was ready to go do some crafting with his sister in the new “craft room” in the garage. I hadn’t had any of the scraps cut yet so it was a “sew and wait” situation. I’ll have all the fabric cut for his next visit. I’m not ready for him to use the rotary cutter yet.

rag quilt

Rag Quilt Squares

This quilt will be a wonderful trip down memory lane since each block comes from pjs I made someone: top left = husband, top right = Da Bones, bottom left = Red Dog (grandson), bottom right = my son, the hockey fanatic.

I did make the squares 4″ instead of 5″ so that I could use more flannel scraps. We are not lining the squares since it really does not get that cold here. The quilt is just two layers thick, the bottom layer and the top layer, two squares of the same fabric. There will not be any fabric names or manufactures with these flannels since they are all scraps, two of them from more years ago than I can possibly remember.

QHave a crafty weekend! Enjoy!


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