Finished Object Friday: Thundering Elephants

Elephant-print  Fabric Bins

Elephant-print Fabric Bins

Office Set

Office Set

Thundering Elephants office set sitting in my daughter’s office. The next time I visit I’ll be checking to see what she has hidden in the fabric bins. Our Razzle Dazzle Bins blog on Jan 5 is a tutorial on the construction of the bins. Although I hate it when I goof up and try to hide any mistakes, I figured any of you dear readers who want to make fabric bins need to learn from my mistake. Notice the elephant lining is upside down in the middle bin. Make sure if you have a one direction print to turn it upside down when you sew the seams together so it folds down right side up. Make sense?

The fabrics work beautifully together, even though they are from two different  manufactures and three different collections.


  • Timeless Treasures Funky Elephant (Mod-C8127)
  • Moda Half Moon Modern Zig Zags Steel #32217 21
  • Moda Half Moon Modern Steel #32357 32
  • Moda Quattro Piccolo Pink #32985 32
  • QThanks for stopping by and spending time with us. Now have a crafty day!

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