Two Sock Bomb

Knitting Two Socks At Once

Knitting Two Socks At Once

Ah, the day of optimism and hope! No more sock orphans! I was on my way, two socks at one. Hurray! Reality check.

Two Sets o

Two sets of needles

It did not take too long to realize that I cannot knit two socks at once. Problem one: I was using one ball of yarn, pull from the center and pull from the end. The yarn became hopeless tangled by the 10th row. I know, I know, I can hear the advice being shouted out. But…… I’m just to lazy to wind two separate balls. Problem two: I have arthritis in the right hand and nerve damage to two fingers in the left hand, all of this cable fiddling was just too much! By the time I had knit 3 inches or so  my hands refused to knit one more row.  Solution? Split the socks onto their own set of needles. Perfect! Although they still are not done, both pairs are at the heel stage. I think that if I cast on both pairs at once and knit a bit on both this might solve the orphan problem.  Da Bones might get his socks before winter leaves us. Always the optimist. I belong to the FB group Addicted to Knitting Socks. One woman posted that knitting two at once on a big circular needle, as I had been doing, was hurting her hands and asked for a solution. Guess what comment I posted? So, I know I’m not the only one out there with the “two-socks-at-once” problem.

QThanks for stopping by. Now go have a crafty weekend.



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