The Field Of Blood Hat

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Center of Hat

Center of Hat

“The Field of Blood is a British crime drama television series adapting Denise Mina‘s The Field of Blood which is set in 1982 and The Dead Hour which is set later in the same decade. The first series of two episodes was broadcast on BBC One on 8 & 9 May 2011 and a second series of two episodes was commissioned by the BBC in 2012 [1] which aired on the 8 & 9 August 2013.” – Wikipedia

The main protagonist, Paddy Mehan (played by Jayd Johnson) in The Field of Blood was wearing this fabulous hat during one of the episodes. Pausing the program and taking pictures is the pits! Sorry, I did the best I could. The center of the hat was totally out of focus, but you can still see the “wheel”. My question is – this is crochet right? And to all crocheters – Have any of you seen a pattern like this? It kinda looks as if its a star. Was it constructed from the center and worked outward? It looks as if there is a crochet brim. Is this worked afterwards? I REALLY like this hat and would like to be able to make a similar one.

QThanks for stopping by. Enjoy your craftiness.


5 thoughts on “The Field Of Blood Hat

  1. I’m going to guess that it started from the centre. I’ve done star-like things before and these are usually done over two rows. My crochet-speak is awful to bear with me. One row to make the bottom half and a second row to make the top half. With the first row, you reach double/treble crochet stitches outwards to grab onto the previous row but maintaining a single centre loop. On the second row, all your double/treble crochet stitches are hooked to that single, centre stitch. I suspect the band was added at the end to pull the circle into a beret shape. Try this free pattern on Ravelry as a starting point (worked from the “centre” out): Good luck!


      • You’re welcome…hope to resume regular blogging in September…maybe a occasional post between now and then. Just buried right now in work and study but the end is in sight! Nice to see you’re back!


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