Here’s The Plan

Blog Planning Chart

Blog Planning Chart

Something needed to be done! We originally started the blog to include our mom, in Montana, in our daily life, to let her know what we were doing. After she passed away last March we floundered. Now that we’ve been posting on the blog again, I was getting a bit overwhelmed on what we’d be posting, and which day, and about what, etc. Deep dark secret? I’m a list maker! I like nice columns of what to do. After looking at blog planners online, and DIY blog planners, and These-are-my-blog-planning-ideas on Pinterest, none of which fit me I said, “Eureka!” I originally purchased this $1, magnetic, tear-away planner for meals! Yea, right! It’s so perfect for planning the blog. I can jot down ideas on the post it notes which are then tentatively placed on a day. See that post-it note line across the bottom, those are other ideas. If I get to that day and the planned post doesn’t seem a good fit, I change it. See what was to have been posted last Thursday and Saturday? Watch for those posts, they’re still in the queue. For Christmas, The Hubs gave a journal to me. I use the journal to list the blog for the day, which pictures are to be included and a bit about the text. For me, this is the perfect, low-cost solution! What are some of your blog tools?

QThanks for stopping by. Now go have a crafty day!


4 thoughts on “Here’s The Plan

  1. I just create posts in the moment, as and when the ideas pop up. Sometimes I get more than one topic and I space them out a bit, sometimes I get nothing. Sometimes I simmer half a post and finish up later, but often I just know most of the contents and photos right away.

    I tried doing themed days for a while, fixed days and times, but that seems to be over. In other words, no tools at all apart from perhaps a notebook if I have an idea when I’m not at home.

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    • Q – With two of us throwing in ideas, I find it’s better to have this. But, I’m not really good about this type of structure. That’s why last week two days were changed. LOL! That happens every week.


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