DIY Angry Birds Button Game

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Knock, Knock! Can we come out to play with the little ones?

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

One of my favorite blogs, Me & My Veritas Sewing an Crafting Projects With and For Kids by Jana, featured a DIY Button Up Game, a game to help toddlers with their fine motor skills. A few weeks ago, I had my three year old grandson stay the night. After seeing the game on Jana’s site, I had to make one for him.  Check her site for detailed instructions. I did make some modifications, he loves Angry Birds so I found a site with an Angry Birds coloring book, making sure his King Pig favorite was on the page, and printed it out. Each figure was cut out from felt, and I used a light box to trace the face using a Sharpie. A slit was cut into each piece of felt large enough for the button to fit through.

I sewed a button to one end of a piece of 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon the other was threaded through round piece of felt and tied into a knot. You can see the ribbon and button in the above picture.  The round piece of felt acts as a stop for the other felt pieces.

Bye Bye

Bye Bye

All done? Put the game away in it’s nice little “home”.



Have I been conspicuous in my absence? A bit over two weeks ago, I got Salmonella food poisoning from a fast foot joint! After gastrointestinal problems for 4 hours, my Vagus nerve cause my blood pressure to drop causing me to pass out. On my fall to the floor, I hit a few items with my face! One was a wooden step we keep in the bathroom for the grandkids. I came to with blood running everywhere. Long story short, a slight concussion, severe dehydration, and mega-headaches, I’m slowly on the mend. I finally have been able to knit again. My eyes looked like raccoon eyes, black and blue all around. Anyway….. the doctor said it will take a few months for all of the bumps, swelling and bruises to heal.


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