Sock It To Me Heels

Heel options. Ravelry: Taina's Kannanottoja

Heel options. Ravelry: Taina’s Kannanottoja:Cuff down: French 1 Dutch 2 Taffy 3 Band 4 heel Shaped common heel 9 Toe-up: French 5 Dutch 6 round 7 Reverse Dutch 8 other Afterthought: sädekavenus 13 Heel edeellä 10 unnamed 11 Afterthought tape 12, Short Rows One wedge heel 14 hourglass 15 Sweet tomato 16

I’ve been on a sock knitting kick since February. Unfortunately, my head injury has slowed me down considerably. If I’m not seeing double, I’m dizzy, both make it hard to knit.  Anyway….. I’ve been introduced to different ways to knit heels. Who knew? It was a sock knitter’s secret.

All of these wonderful names for heels, but what do they look like. The Addicted to Knitting Socks FB group drops these names as if they are old friends. To a newbie socker, such as I, this sock heel key is a wonderful tool. It was posted on FB Knit-N-Purl- Soctober. The chart is downloadable to use as a reference. This is the link to Taina’s Ravelry page where she has the chart, scroll down to the bottom for descriptions and links. Taina also has a wonderful blog, Käsillään. It’s in Finnish but I found links to English sites for the socks.  I know some of the heel patterns shown in the chart are not free. An Internet search did turn up quite a few free instructions.

Onerva Socks picture by © verano

Onerva Socks picture by © verano

I’ve found so many Finnish sock patterns lately. I’m figuring it has to do with the mtDNA (maternal DNA) which leads directly back to Finland. The earliest Finnish female line I have is from the 1500’s. In fact, I just translated the Onerva sock pattern, by Suvi Heikkilä from Finnish into English. I contacted her to see if she wanted the English translation, but have not had a response.

Fish Lips Kiss Heel © Patty-Joy White aka SoxTherapist

Fish Lips Kiss Heel © Patty-Joy White aka SoxTherapist

The wildly popular Fish Lips Kiss Heel, by Patty-Joy White aka Sox Therapist, which is $1.00 on Ravelry, is not shown in the chart. I purchased the pattern, but have not tried it yet.

So, what is your favorite heel? I really need to try more heels. I did knit the French heel in my February socks.

QHave a fun, crafty day!

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