Can You Find The Matching Pairs?

Matching Game

Matching Game


Animal Matching Game

With two rambunctious toddlers in the family, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for games that will easily fit into Altoid tins for the moms to throw into purses. This is the latest tin. While perusing the 99 Cent Store for bargains, I saw these erasers and knew they would make a wonderful matching game. Having had one of the toddlers for the last couple of days, we have had fun playing this game. Just turn the erasers over and let the little one find the matching pairs.

I have made two other Purse Games which I’ve featured in the blog.

Angry Birds Buttoning Game

Angry Birds Buttoning Game


Fishing Game

There are metal washers inside of the fish, and the fishing pole has a strong magnet attached to the end. The Hubs cut a pencil in half for the fishing pole, it fits nicely into the tin. The youngest loves to play this game while waiting at soccer practice for his older siblings. Another toddler tried to use the game and was told “NO” by my little guy.

QHave a crafty, fun day!


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