Caterpillar Crazies!

Caterpillar Crazies

Caterpillar Crazies

With two toddlers in the family, I’m going crazy making felt crafts for them. The above Caterpillar Crazies is the latest. The idea was found at Toddler Approved! However, I had to pump it up and added the different mouth choices and the different sized pompoms. With the pompoms your toddler can also match colors, so its also a learning game. I had some wonderful textures which I added as additional choices. I totally love textures! A tactic person am I! The three-year-old is visiting today and I can’t wait for him to play with the caterpillar.

I’ve been working on some quiet book pages too. I have post-concussion syndrome and have had to give up knitting for a bit since I kept making too many mistakes. Frustrating. I never know when the dizzy spells will hit.

QHave a happy crafty day!


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