N is for Narwhal

Nate with his book

Nate with his book

Love that precious smile. His mom had just told him that he was going to grandma and poppa’s to spend the night.

Open book

Open book

Playing with his book the way it’s supposed to be. Touching all of the textures and taking the animals out to play. This book is meant for serious playtime!

Nathan cover

Nathan CoverN is for Narwhal

narwhalA is for Alligator


T is for Tiger


H is for Hippo

hippoA is for Aardvark

aardvarkN is for Newt

newtNathan back cover with mini-book

nathan backFor all the mini-books I use the Alphabetimal letters. Alphabetimal didn’t have an aardvark, only an anteater. With some modifications, I turned the anteater into an aardvark. Why? You ask. I love the word aardvark! As funny sounding as the animal is to look at. The facts I write about each animal are fun, trivia type facts.

QHope you’re having a crafty weekend!


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