New Studio Design With My New Best Friends


My studio is in dire need of a do-over. Although I absolutely LOVE the Waverly Violets wallpaper it’s been up for about 25 years. Daughter Darcey loves violet as much as I do and this paper was perfect for teenage Darcey. Time marches on. In order to plan the redesign, I’ve discovered that three, design “best friends” were extremely useful. Let me introduce you to three of my design best friends: 1. Pinterest, 2. Incomtech, and 3. Evernote and Evernote Chrome extension.

Don’t you just love Pinterest? The first step in my studio redesign was to chose the color palette. Love, Love, Love this color palette, and have chosen it for my redesigned studio. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I don’t call my studio a sewing room because it’s not just sewing, it’s designing! My creative juices are allowed to flow in my studio. Curls calls us Renaissance Women because we do a little bit of everything. Anyway……

floorplan125Next step was to measure the size of the room and make a floor plan. Enter design best-friend Incomtech, hurray! This site allows a person to make their own customized, printable graph paper. I was able to translate my room size 11 feet by 13 feet into a customized graph paper. The paper is 11 squares by 13 squares, each square represents a foot. If I wanted to I could have made it 22 squares by 26 squares so I’d have half foot lines. Now the floor plan was ready for the items.

After the millionth broken needle when machine quilting the Eye Spy quilt, and complaining that I wish I had a new sewing machine, my sweet husband insisted that I buy a new one. Hello new Pfaff! It is so perfect! But…… it doesn’t really fit into my sewing table. The throat is so much deeper than my last machine that I’m sewing with my left leg pressed firmly against the table. Not comfortable. A new sewing table is in order. Yikes! After pricing new ones, around $2000 for what I wanted, it was time to head back to Pinterest for new ideas. Done! Last but not least, ………

Studio Ideas

I have been collecting studio ideas on Pinterest, but it’s time to choose what I want to have in my redesigned studio and what I need to buy tied into one place. Enter Evernote and the Evernote extension for Chrome. Serendipity! I received an email from Evernote describing their new browser extension which can capture entire webpages or just a screenshot. I signed up for a free Evernote account and started a new notebook called Studio Ideas. I did screenshots of all of the new ideas I want to incorporate into my studio. I captured the entire DIY instruction page for the new sewing machine table using the Ikea’s Linnmon Table top. The Hubs is going to need the instructions. See the left-hand column, it has all of the items I’m interested in. Look at all that wonderful info I captured about the Linnmon, perfect for scaling into the floorplan.  Another bonus is that I can access the Studio Ideas on my phone so I have the list of what I want at Ikea. Oh yea, there is a long list. This extension is so AWESOME that you really should try it! No, I’m not getting paid a penny from Evernote, I just LOVE this extension. I already do my rough draft drawing ideas for sewing projects on Penultimate, using my iPad. I have created a notebook for all the ideas in Evernote. The two programs are from the same company.

Now back to scrapping off wallpaper and painting, yuck!!! Why can’t I twitch my nose and have it done? Sigh…….

QGo have a wonderful crafty day!


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