Bits and Pieces

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, put your feet up, relax, and join us on our Journey of Creativity!

Curls and Q is about two sisters and their journey for creativity: Q = Susan, Curls = Barbara.  Barbara has always called us “renaissance women” since we know how to do a little bit of everything!

About Q:

I am a retired high school teacher.  Now I have time for all of my hobbies:  knitting, sewing, spinning, paper-crafts, genealogy, reading, etc.  You get the picture, a little bit of everything.  I should have retired 20 years ago so I’d have more time to explore everything I want to accomplish.  A big thanks to both my mother and grandmother for having such a huge impact on my creative life.  Mom was a Home Economics teacher and taught me to knit, sew, and cook.  All which have brought untold hours of enjoyment to my life.  Grandma was a first grade teacher and what a hodgepodge full of craft ideas!!  Every time I use Mod Podge she is in my mind!  Find me on Ravelry as slgennut.

About Curls:

I work part-time for the Post Office delivering mail. Our mother and grandmother were a great influence to our creativity, including our other 2 sisters. My home is full of these creations done by all of us. Susan and I are the only sisters with a passion for knitting, or should I say all fibers. I can’t wait for our next road trip. I would love to try weaving but another project right now is just too much.  See me on Ravelry as babs52knitting.

Family info – I live in a country town in the foothills of San Diego County. Our parents moved to the San Diego area in the mid. 1950’s. I met my husband when Susan and I shared an apartment in San Diego. My husband and I shall celebrate 40 years this year. Our home is on four acres land, no pets just the wildlife. My husband has built a kid’s paradise playland for the grandchildren. We have two boys and five grandchildren; three boys and two girls. Their ages are from eight to two. Our boys live within twenty miles of us, so I get to see them often and babysit.

8 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. I love your description! There is a plus side to your children living in different areas, you always have a place to stay when you visit. Hawaii is one of my favorite places to vacation! It’s an absolutely lovely place! Nice to meet you, and I enjoyed surfing around your blog;)


  2. Hello ladies! Thank you for liking our post. I LOVED how open about sharing your personal info, it’s so lovely to get to know you better (even if it is in cyberspace!) Awesome blog x


  3. Love your bits and pieces page! 😀 I have a question maybe you could help me with. My daughter (11 yrs) found some large napkins at Pier 1 on clearance. She now wants to make a shirt out of them. (She has never wanted to be creative before, so I was thrilled!) She may be a “clothes designer” when she grows up, depending on how well this shirt turns out. ha! So, do you know of an easy shirt pattern we could use? It needs to have at least 3 inch straps on the shoulders so she can where it to school. I sew a bunch, but not clothes. I thought of you when she decided to take on this project. But no pressure. Heehee! – Laurie, House of 34


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