Having Fun With An Amazon Gift Card


Background for page is done

Ha Ha, you probably thought I was going to show wonderful goodies that I purchased with the gift card. Nope!  This card was used quite awhile ago, so I repurposed it! I don’t like blank journal pages. It was time to put the card to use making a new page background. This is the “Hide a Secret Message Somewhere In The Book”. This page isn’t done, I just added a background.


Add paint dots randomly to the blank page


Start smearing with the side of a plastic card

Start smearing with the side of a plastic card

Painting With Bubbles

Bubble Painting

MG’s Bubble Painting

Isn’t it fabulous when the younger generation teaches us a new “painting” technique. My favorite granddaughter MG, 11 years old, loves to craft. BTW when I tell her she’s my favorite granddaughter she quickly points out that she’s my only granddaughter. She is totally in love with my new “craft room” and is always doing something crafty when she visits. This last visit, we went to the Dollar Store so she could pick out craft supplies. One idea she had was to add watercolor to bubbles and then blow the bubbles on paper to “paint”. So bubbles went into the cart. The above picture was her finished product.


  • Bubbles with wand
  • Small plastic containers – one for each color
  • Selection of watercolor tubes
  • Paper for “canvas”

Steps to product a great bubble picture:

Add some bubbles

Add some bubbles

1. Add a small amount of bubble solution into a container.


add color (1 of 1)

Add watercolor

2. Add a small drop of watercolor to the bubbles.

stir (1 of 1)

Gently stir

3. Gently stir the paint into the bubbles with a popsicle stick. If you stir too vigorously then bubbles will form making it hard to use the wand.

blow bubbles (1 of 1)

Gently blow bubbles

4. Gently blow the bubbles onto the paper.

journal (1 of 1)

Wreck This Journal background

Of course, I had to try out MG’s painting technique. I used it for the background on the Collect The Stamps Off Of All Your Mail page in my Wreck This Journal. I used two different blues, 1 green, and 1 orange and totally love the effect. My glasses were so splattered with bubbles that I had to laugh.

easel (1 of 1)

Best easel ever

This is the best easel! Ikea sells it as a “laptop support” under the name BRÄDA. For $3.99 it’s a steal! A few years ago I purchased two, one for Curls and one for me. It’s thin enough that the clips work perfectly for holding paper in place.

QThanks for visiting us. Now go have a crafty day.

Poke Holes In This Page

q~Ah, it’s Monday, Wreck This Journal time. Today we bring you “Poke Holes In This Page Using A Pencil”. Everyone have a great President’s Day Holiday.

Balloons by Q

Balloons by Q

Constellations by Curls

Constellations by Curls

And, I just got an email from Art House Co-Op’s The Sketchbook Project Journal announcing that they have a new Sketchbook Project Guided Journal. “This hefty book contains over 300 different themes, prompts, assignments, and clever ways to fill a page.” I want, I want!

Sketchbook Project Journal

Sketchbook Project Journal

Close Your Eyes: Connect The Dots

q~Monday? Must be another Wreck This Journal Day. “Close Your Eyes: Connect The Dots From Memory”. We were amazed at how close we came! What’s amusing is that we both started with the same dot. We weren’t even together when we did this activity. And, we both used blue-colored markers. Great minds think alike and all that. This journal is so much fun! I’m making a special one for Curls this year for her birthday!

Close Your Eyes: Connect The Dots From Memory

Close Your Eyes: Connect The Dots From Memory

Drip Something Here

q~When Curls and I got together last week, we’d decided that we’ve been remiss about posting our latest escapades in Wreck This Journal! To rectify our error, we’ll be posting at least once every week until the journal is done.

Drip Something Here

Drip Something Here

What we dripped was some of the dyes we’d been using on the yarns we were dyeing. Drip the dye on one page, close the book and smooth it to make a Rorschach test. Our imaginations figured out what we saw in the shapes. Too fun! I’m not even going to try and deduce why I saw food and Curls saw beautiful flowers.

Q's Food

Q’s Food

Curl's Flowers

Curl’s Flowers