Teaching the Young

curls -Teaching my young granddaughters new things.

My granddaughter Taylor stayed over 2 nights at Christmas time. She brought one of dolls. It was a great time for her to learn how to sew.

tayWe chose a fleece scrap that I had. Next I showed her how to pin and cut out the pattern. Then we went to the sewing machine. She had just the two shoulder seams to make. What a smile Taylor has here with her doll, Emily. Emily and here new poncho. Later Taylor cut fringe all around the bottom. Fleece is great for learning.

 This last week, my husband and I stayed at our son’s house and watch three of our grandchildren. I had big ideas to teach Baylei how to sew and crochet. Since I was sick most of the week, I didn’t get the sewing done.

bayBaylei started out crocheting in a circle. It turned out to be a small hat for her barbie doll. Next I had her do a row and turn.  She did this for a whole evening. The next day I started a pink hat for her. I made the top and she did in the round for the sides. First she wanted the hat to be the pink Angry Bird, but decided just a plan pink hat with braids. The hat is a WIP for my granddaughter. It feels good knowing your granddaughters want to learn. 🙂

Angry at the Angry Birds Red Hat Pattern!

 After starting the Angry Bird Red Hat three times I’m going to use the Black Hat pattern for the Red Hat! I have been crocheting since high school (back in the dark ages), so I know how to read a pattern. After joining the circle it says: 2 SC, 2 SC next stitch.  I did 2 SC and then 2 SC in next stitch. Um, there aren’t any chains, it’s a solid crochet hat. What the instructions should have said was “SC in the next two sc, 2 SC in the following sc” or words to that effect. I actually checked quite a few similar crochet hat patterns to see if I was off-base, they had SC in the next two stitches and the 2 SC in the following stitch. Ok. Redid that. Forgot to put a marker in the first SC, pull it back to that point. Now, I followed exactly what was written, waiting for the crown to “fold over” to the sides.  Instead, this is the “potato chip” I’m crocheting! When I looked at the patterns for the Black, Blue, and Green Hats they were different than the Red Hat.  You can read the pattern and see how it goes down from the crown. The patterns for the other three colors match, it’s the Red that is different.  I’m done!  Restarting the Red Hat using the Black Hat pattern!  I know that pattern works since Curls has completed the Black Hat and it is FABULOUS!!! 😎 Learn from my hair wrenching experience, make the Red Hat using the Black Hat pattern! ARGH! 😎 Potato chip!