Angry Birds Aficionado

Angry Birds Carrier

Angry Birds Carrier

The gleeful smile and laugh on my Angry Birds Aficionado grandson’s ice cream-smeared face while his arms are immersed into his Angry Birds collection is the perfect payment to me for the collection carrier I surprised him with. Some kids carry their blankie or stuffed animal with them everywhere they go, he carries his Angry Birds. They made the move from Hawaii to here firmly tucked on  his lap during the plane ride. In his pillow pocket, I tucked an Angry Bird surprise packet for him to open.

He’s been using his Christmas stocking to hold his vast collection of birds which was not very efficient since he had to dump them out to look for his favorite piggy with icicles on his face.  I knew it was time for me to come to the rescue and make a special holder. Knowing exactly what I wanted, but not wanting to spend the trial-and-error time developing my own pattern, I searched online for the perfect pattern. Eureka! Blissfulpatterns had the exact pattern I was looking for.  Occasionally, I do like to support designers and buy pdf patterns online. This is an easy 1/2 – 1 hour start-to-finish project.

Materials needed

Materials needed


  1. Blue twill fabric for the lining (I’ve had this fabric since my kids were little)
  2. Angry Birds fabric by David Textile (ordered online)
  3. Iron-on Pellon (lighter weight)
  4. Bias tape

Extra sewing notes:

  1. I scaled the pattern to 66% before I printed since he’s three and the basket needed to be more “carrier friendly”.
  2. The stronger twill was used as the lining since there will be a lot of digging inside the basket and the birds and piggies would be causing more friction there.
  3. The pellon was ironed onto the lining to make it nice and firm.
  4. To make the basket more colorful, I chose a bias tape with a bolder color instead of matching it to the blue lining.
  5. The bias tape was zigzagged on to make it more durable.
Angry Birds Bag

Angry Birds Bag

I have a nice collection of knitting fabrics. The pattern does have directions for making an optional pocket on the outside. Guess what one of my next projects will be?

QToday is a perfect crafting day!

Last Fiber to Share

 I’ve have been looking at this fiber since I started spinning in March.  Finally gave in, the siren kept singing at me! 😎 I PROMISE this is the last purchase until all the other fiber is spun! This is Hand Painted Roving BFL Wool by Greenwood Fiber Works, Colorway Adirondack. Isn’t is luscious!  And so soft!

In fact, before I caught the plane home, my sister Lindsay and I stopped by two yarn stores and I didn’t purchase any yarn or fiber.  See that halo shining above my head? What a good girl! 😎

And, I’m happy to announce that the d*+%$ Red Angry Birds hat is DONE!!! I had to do something entirely different for the feathers on top of the hat. The pattern picture has cute feathers which as if they are a tube with a bend in it, that’s not what the pattern does. I didn’t like it.  I surfed the net, found another feather pattern, and this is what I did:

Angry Bird Red Hat feathers, from Crochet Geek:

CH 3, join.
Round 1: Work 6 SC through the chain.  Do not join, work the continual round.
Round 2:  Work 1 SC in each stitch around. (6 single crocet total)
Round 3: *Work 1 SC in the next stitch, work 2 SC in the next stitch. (9 single crochet total)
Round 4-14: Work 1 SC in each stitch around. (9 single crochet total) – I just crocheted until the feathers were 4 inches long.
Cut the yarn, pull through the loop, tug to secure.  Sew tail through the last round slightly pull.  Sew to the top of the cap. I folded the feathers so there was a bit more in the back and less in front, then attached. I didn’t want the feathers to be the same length.

Also, the braids didn’t give instructions. This is what I did: for each braid I cut twelve 36″ lengths of yarn.  I pulled the yarn through a stitch at the bottom of the earflap. Made sure the lengths were equal, divided the strands into almost equal parts, and braided.  Tied off the end of the braid with a piece of yarn, then tied the braid itself to cover the yarn. Repeated on the other ear flap.

Angry Bird Attack At My House

– My oldest boy, Russ, texted his dad and asked him if I would make and Angry Bird Hat for my youngest grandson. Well of course!

I searched online for a pattern and found the web site They have free crochet patterns for four different Angry Bird characters. After finding the patterns all I could think was, “I have to show Q”.

Q and I went to Michaels Store to purchase the yarn.  We looked at all the yarns and decided to go with the yarn the pattern called for since it was the softest, Caron Simply Soft Yarn.,default,pd.html?start=37&cgid=products-yarnandneedlecrafts-yarn

The hat crochets up really quickly. I had the hat done in one night’s sitting. I finished the pieces and started to sew the hat together the next night. I am going to make all four  characters and give to my grandson on his 3rd birthday in July. The neighborhood boy come over to play wearing an Angry Bird Hat. When he took it off, my grandson ran over and put it on.


I have finished all the pieces and have sewn on the top piece and half of the beak, so I can stuff it. Since you only use a small amount of yarn for the eyes and nose, you might use up some of those odd pieces you have. Since Q and I are both making the hats we are sharing the yarn. For the hat part I would use the Caron Yarn, since it is soft.  Happy crocheting!

Will post all hats and tips when done.