Maddie’s and Grandma’s Hearts Entwined

q8~ Happy Birthday to my granddaughter. How can it be 9 years? I’m afraid she inherited a very strange gene from me.  As a kid I had fair hair and freckles.  I just HATED those freckles, especially the biggest one on my nose. I asked mom when the freckles would go away and she told me when I was grown.  Well, the morning of my 8th birthday,  I ran to the mirror to see my new “freckle-less” nose.  Hum, imagine my surprise when they were still there!  I just knew turning eight meant I was grown up! Then before she turned eight, daughter Sarah told anyone and everyone within earshot that when she was eight she needed a desk of her own because she’d be grown up! My parents gave her a kid-size, roll-top desk.  And then there’s Maddie, at eight she told her mother, “Mom I need to wear lipstick everyday now because I’m a lady.”  The “I’m-All-Grown-Up-At-Eight”, such a funny gene to pass along. It does not seem to affect the male line, only the oldest daughter.

Anyway, both Maddie and I are having a hard time with their move to Hawaii. I decided to make a shawl for her out of the first yarn that Curls and I dyed. Asterope by Romi Hill was the perfect pattern, which I downloaded through Ravelry.  I had seen a model of the pattern at a LYS. I know the pattern is described as having an arrow going down the back, but to me it looks as if it’s hearts entwined; thus, Maddie’s and Grandma’s Hearts Entwined.   The blended colors are pink and purple.  Maddie’s favorite color is pink and grandma’s is purple.  The large holes represent all of the adventures Maddie is going to have   Every stitch is a kiss and the entire shawl is a huge hug.  She’s to wear it when she misses grandma or thinks grandma misses her.  When I send it, I’ll enclose a note for Maddie explaining all of the special meanings.  I know it’s late, but our family never minds late presents we feel as if the special occasion has been extended!

It’s All About the Dyeing!


q8~ So Curls (sister Barb) and I (Q) have been testing the dye bath!  We started with Jacquard Acid Dyes.  Did a bit of solar dying.  Awesome results.  The yarn is Bare by KnitPicks. Here is Barb’s lace weight done in harvest colors:

Here is my lace weight:

Sister Barb used her knitting machine to make a sock blanket out of the wool before I dyed it.  How cool is that.  Now I can sew identical socks!  I decided not to do socks and we are going to knit shawl patterns from 7 Small Shawls to Knit which was purchased from Rosemary (Romi) Hill on Ravelry.    I’ve chosen Asterope and Barb has chosen Maia.  However, we can’t start the shawls until we finish some of our other projects!  We’ve promised ourselves that this is the year to actually finish some of our wips which have been sitting for, let’s just say, awhile.

Yesterday was a foray into Kool-aid dyeing.  Following the instructions at theBlueBrick we gave it a try.  Had to change timings in order to get better gradients.  We want to try a yellow to orange gradient next. This are our result: